Crews Safety Glasses and Goggles – A Brand of MCR Safety

Don’t settle on any protective eyewear, choose safety glasses that you’ll want to wear! Crews safety glasses by MCR Safety have hundreds of styles to choose from. When picking glasses or goggles, the style can be a driving force behind the selection. Look good while being safe at the same time. We’ll take a look at the different types of eyewear that Crews has to offer.

Safety Glasses by Crews

First off safety glasses are the bread and butter of protective eyewear. You can use it almost everywhere. From work around the home to construction sites and garages. Our eyes are important and it’s up to us to keep them protected. All Crews glasses are going to be ANSI certified to Z87.1 standards. Common safety glasses styles include ballistic, bifocal, mirror, polarized. Plenty of lens colors to pick from; color can help assist with certain tasks. ‘Indoor/Outdoor’ lens can benefit someone who has to go indoor and outside many times.

Step Up with Safety Goggles

Crews Safety GogglesNext, Crews safety goggles are the next step in safety eyewear. With added seal protection it’s good for many types of situations. Such as debris from various angles, chemical splashes, and dust. Upgrade to an anti-fog lens for even more visibility. There are not as many colors to choose from for the lens, but the added protection is critical. Most will have an elastic strap to keep the goggles pressed to the face. And welding goggles gives extra protection from infrared light produced from welding.

Bifocal and Over Prescription Glasses

Then there are bifocal safety glasses that will have bifocal lens. Different strengths depending on the one that wearer needs. Of course, our eyes are important to protect, but clear vision should a priority as well. If you don’t want to ditch the prescription glasses there’s another option for you. There are glasses that fit over prescription glasses (OTG). Have a larger frame that extends outwards to allow prescription glasses to fit.
Finally, no matter the style safety needs to be number one. As one of the three MCR Safety brands, you know you’re in good hands. The other two brands are River City rainwear and Memphis gloves. Crews safety glasses have so many options and series that you’ll never run out!