Wholesale Energizer Batteries

Wholesale Energizer Industrial Batteries

While batteries are useful for a variety of household tasks, industrial strength batteries are ideal on the job. Energizer batteries are a name brand and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Buying batteries in bulk saves you time and money.

Popular Battery Sizes

First of all, Energizer batteries, much like their iconic pink bunny, keep going and going. And the company earned this reputation for providing high-quality durable batteries. Industrial series feature materials like lithium or alkaline. Select from sizes AA, AAA, C, D, 9V, or 6V. While the industrial series is our most popular, there is also the Energizer Max series. These batteries are alkaline and sold in affordable multi-pack quantities.

In addition to multi-packs, bulk AA and AAA batteries come in case quantities of 144. The heavy-duty design works great for commercial applications that include high-draining devices. These heavy-duty batteries will retain 85% of their original life for up to 7 years in storage. Invest in portable power for electronics like medical devices, pumps, remotes, and flashlights. Rechargeable batteries are the next generation of money-saving power.

Energizer AA Industrial Batteries 144 Count Case

Recharge & Reuse

Due to environmental and cultural shifts, “going green” is now easier than ever before. Take the first step with Energizer rechargeable industrial batteries. And they are available in most of the traditional sizes like AA, AAA, C, and D. Also, the chargers accommodate the NiMH series. This stands for nickel metal hydride and is an effective type of rechargeable battery. Some chargers include safety timers and temperature monitors. They are the smart way to keep plenty of energy on hand. Chargers will typically fully charge batteries overnight.

Another style of industrial battery is made from lithium. This material is rechargeable and common in electronics. And Energizer lithium camera batteries work in most popular brands. It provides 30% more power than alkaline batteries. The lightweight and durable housing make it perfect for cameras and other photo devices. Energizer e2 series photo batteries are available in several sizes. Because these are long lasting, you will spend less time worrying about the battery dying. Take more photos and enjoy your vacations, family events, and holidays with ease.

Buy a Case or Multi-Pack

While most alkaline batteries come in cases of 144, the D size bulk is a case of 72. There are also smaller 2 or 12 count multi-packs. D cell batteries function well under temperature extremes. Also, they have a long shelf life and contain no mercury. These Energizer batteries include the industrial, rechargeable, and Max series. The rechargeable style holds more power than standard rechargeable alkaline or NiCad industrial batteries.

Energizer Rechargeable D Batteries 2-pack

And if you are looking for a battery size that works in both industrial and household applications, we also carry the 9V or 9-volt size. This is the default battery size for many common household devices such as smoke detectors, alarm clocks, and radios. It is characterized by a snap top with a “positive” and “negative” contact pad. The insulated cell design allows them to work in extreme temperatures.

In conclusion, industrial batteries are economical to buy in bulk. Case and multi-pack quantities from Energizer come in most popular sizes. Select from alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable styles. Utilize the long shelf-life and save for all your commercial and domestic electronic needs.