Resinet Safety Fence – Plastic Mesh Barrier Fencing


Safety Fence

Robert Frost may have coined the phrase “good fences make good neighbors” but safety fence from Resinet does so much more. Plastic barrier fence comes in a variety of styles, colors and for different uses. And from gardens to construction sites there is a need for this durable product.

First of all, Resinet manufacturer’s high-density polyethylene plastic mesh fences. They are the country’s largest fence supplier. Barricade supplies improve visibility and provide control. And this fencing comes in rolls that are lightweight and easy to transport. Resinet’s product won’t crack, peel, corrode or rust. The main styles available include barrier, construction, crowd and snow.

Types of Resinet Fence
Resinet Fence Styles

Fence Styles

Because job sites often change and have safety hazards, use construction fences. Select colors like orange, yellow and red for visibility. Other color options include blue, black, green, and white. Construction fencing has oval or square mesh holes. Small mesh openings are ideal to keep out small animals. The tensile strength, measured by PSI, varies by style. And most fencing is safe to use between -60 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another type of fence controls large volumes of people. Use crowd control fencing for festivals, concerts, and public events. Vertical and horizontal strands make installation easier. This design also provides stability in severe weather conditions. The lightweight rolls make it easy for one person to handle. Crowd control fencing applications include sporting events, ski areas, and access roads.

Create a Durable Barrier

While cold weather brings many challenges, mitigate some of them with snow control fencing. Poly snow fence meets requirements of state and local governments. Some styles, like the SF50 fencing, maintain a 55% mesh opening to ensure optimum snow control. And it has an extended service life. The tolerance to extreme cold temps provides durability in sub-zero weather. Resinet snow fence helps block blowing and drifting, especially along open stretches of roadways and fields. Airports, highway departments and farmers know how important it is.

Resinet Snow Fence
Resinet Snow Fence

Easy to Install

Also, consider which style of fence works best for your application. Square mesh barrier fence offers high visibility and low wind drag. This allows for further distances between post placement – saving time and money. Oval mesh lends itself more to crowd control barriers. And the flat laminar material provides maximum strength. The average roll weight for a 4′ x 100′ roll is only 6lbs.

In conclusion, Resinet safety fence lends itself to a variety of tasks. From highways and construction sites to ski slopes, create a durable barrier. Enhanced visibility colors like orange and yellow are visible even in poor weather conditions. The easy to install rolls go up quick and are reusable for multiple jobs.