Wrangler Workwear – Stay Comfortable On and Off the Job


Wrangler workwear is a brand that is tough and durable. This brand is for those who need to work hard, and are not afraid to get dirty. With a rich history in the denim market, Wrangler symbolizes Western heritage. Made for those more comfortable in the saddle, this brand has since paved the way for workwear and jeans. Explore options such as pants, shorts, work shirts and jackets.

Wrangler Workwear Pants (Including Wrangler RIGGS Workwear)

Wrangler RIGGS PantsFirst of all, Wrangler jeans and pants have come a long way from the days of the farmer and the cowboy. But that doesn’t mean that the quality has waned. Made from durable, wrinkle free canvas material, these jeans withstand any line of work. The action gussets allow for improved movement. Then if you need another level of perfection, consider Wrangler RIGGS workwear pants. These pants are designed to have a much better fit for maximum comfort. Some styles of the Wrangler RIGGS workwear will have the option for Flame Resistance; for when you need to turn up the heat.

Button Down Shirts Wrangler Workwear

Want to keep it professional? Then check out Wrangler button down shirts. You can choose between long and  short sleeve styles with double-needle stitching. Take advantage of the high level mobility and durability, to keep movements seamless. Front pockets are for easy access to tools. Due to the straight bottom hem, they still look professional whether you’re tucking it in or out.


Ending Thoughts

For about 70 years, Wrangler workwear has been a leader for quality clothing. They understand the essence of the people who work hard and have fun. As part of the VF Corporation, Wrangler continues to push for innovation. True to their roots, they still have the classic and practical apparel approach. For example, they make their clothes more breathable and comfortable. If you’re looking for that iconic American brand, you can’t go wrong with Wrangler workwear.