Introducing Bellingham Gloves


Quality Hand Protection

Because we are always adding new product lines to our site, we introduce to you Bellingham Gloves. This series provides hand protection for general purpose, industrial, and performance use. And there are styles and sizes for men, women, and even children. Bellingham Gloves provide durable and innovative designs that won’t break the bank.

First of all, let’s get familiar with the brand and who they are. Bellingham Gloves is a well-known name in the hand protection industry. Their name comes from the city they were founded in, Bellingham, Washington. The company is now owned byRadians. Radians is a Memphis, TN based supplier of high-performance PPE gear. Through this acquisition, Bellingham Gloves continues to increase its brand recognition and availability. As a result, their extensive line-up of gloves comes in a pack or dozen quantities.

Practical Uses

Furthermore, Radians expanded their glove lines to now include hand protection for lawn and garden. Also, Bellingham glove styles include eco-friendly series and colorful women’s work gloves. And not to be forgotten, the DUCKY! series for kids. The main glove segments include palm-dipped, leather, cut resistant, and performance. In addition, insulated and TPR gloves provide comfortable cold resistance and extra grip with water repelling features.

While the need for protection varies, find the glove style that works best for you. Palm-dipped gloves include the series Gardware and Tough GT. The coated gloves are lightweight and offer cold and water resistance. The COOL series of gloves have a breathable polyurethane palm coating. It is a modern take on traditional cotton chore gloves. Gardware gloves have oil-proof durability and remain flexible with high-dexterity for detailed work. Cut-resistant nitrile palm gloves have Graphine liners and achieve an ANSI cut level 4 rating.

Yardwork to Job Site

Another style of Bellingham gloves includes those made from premium leather. Select from cowhide, pigskin, or goatskin leather. The transition between industrial work and yard work is well-illustrated in these gloves. There are sizes, colors, and styles for both men and women. The multi-color women’s Tuscany series are gauntlet style. The cuff extends further up the forearm to protect against scratches, thorns, and minor injuries while gardening or working outdoors. Hi-vis orange and yellow/lime construction leather gloves include insulated and knit wrist. There are also traditional leather driver gloves with a Keystone thumb.

Almost everyone wants the best protection at the best price. Bellingham performance glove features include insulated, cut-resistant, and reinforced. They combine both synthetic and natural materials designed to perform. Abrasion, oil and waterproof gloves provide an excellent grip, even when wet. Protective TPR material on the back of the hand reduces injury. Some styles also have hi-visibility colors to keep you seen, and safe. For the cold weather season, stay warm with Thinsulate insulated lining.

Finally, take advantage of the full line of Bellingham gloves. The diverse selection and quality materials offer hand protection for men, women, and youth. Stay safe on the job, working in the yard, or working with hazardous materials.