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FR Clothing

Find out why it is so important to know if your clothing is FR (flame resistant). We carry several flame resistant clothing brands like Bulwark, Ergodyne, OccuNomix, PIP, and MCR Safety. Types of FR clothing includes coveralls, shirts, pants, jackets, hi-vis, vests, rain gear, and more. If possible wear FR pants, shirt, and jacket for maximum protection. Learn the difference between AR and FR rated clothing. You can read further about the difference between the two types of garments in our post on Bulwark clothing. In addition to FR treated jackets, we also have warm sweatshirts and hoods by PIP which help keep you protected from both the cold and fire dangers. Remember that safety vests are either FR treated or use inherently FR materials. The treated vests cost less, but do not provide the same level of protection.

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