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Ergodyne Products

Ergodyne products are best known by their slogan “Tenacious Work Gear”. This company prides themselves on having durable, tough, and worker friendly products. Ergodyne work gear includes hi-vis apparel. The GloWear series and features safety vests, jackets, and shirts. Also sweatshirts, pants, rainwear and accessories. The GloWear series is in hi-vis orange and yellow/lime. Silver reflective stripes keep you visible on the job site even in the worst of conditions.

Full Source also carries Ergodyne work gloves and hand protection. And series include ProFlex and impact reduction gloves. When the warm weather season is in full swing check out their cooling products such as the popular Chill-Its line of evaporative cooling towels and dew rags. With so many choices it is easy to see that Ergodyne is a quality and tenacious work gear manufacturer.

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