Bisley Workwear: Aussie Roots & 60 Years of Innovation


Now owned by PIP, Bisley Workwear is a global leader in high-visibility work apparel. And through this acquisition, one of Australia’s leading safety brands has become available to the US market. Known for exceptional quality, find out how almost 60 years of innovation sets them apart from the competition.

Bisley Workwear Hi-Vis

First of all, Bisley Workwear is a hardworking brand for hardworking people. And this includes a full line of high-visibility safety apparel designed to keep you safe and seen. Furthermore, Bisley continues to evolve and adapt to 21st-century standards. Their industrial safety garments come in styles and sizes for men and women. And this includes hi-vis safety jackets, sweatshirts, and safety vests.

In addition, most Bisley Workwear comes in a hi-vis yellow/lime color. And features silver reflective tape that enhances your visibility, even at night. As a result, this makes most safety apparel ANSI Type R Class 2 or 3 rated for the job site. ANSI Type R Class 2-rated garments are necessary for workers exposed to traffic traveling over 25mph. And for workers working against complex backgrounds. They are ideal for construction workers, survey crews, and utility workers.

ANSI Rated for Tough Jobs

Another option for apparel is ANSI Type R Class 3-rated styles. These are for workers that require the highest level of visibility or have high task loads. And for those who need visibility throughout a full range of body motions. Bisley ANSI Class 3 hi-vis safety apparel includes soft shell bomber jackets and fleece sweatshirts. Most of all, take a look at what makes Bisley stand out from the others.

Almost all safety apparel is made the same, right? Not true says Bisley. And that innovative spirit shines through in their safety apparel. The need for protective performance workwear was born in Australia’s harsh climate and work environments. Most noteworthy, this includes features like 50+ UPF sun protection, durable waterproof shells, and quilted linings. Also distinctive asymmetric zip openings on some women’s garments. And there are multiple pockets and hoods for storage and protection.

Stay Seen & Stay Safe

Furthermore, Bisley hi-vis safety jackets come in a variety of styles. And includes reversible puffer, contoured soft shell, and bomber styles. The extra lining and waterproof shells found on most styles help you stay protected in rain or snow. And for lighter weight options, wear fleece pullovers or full-zip hi-vis sweatshirts. Also, the reversible puffer safety vest transitions from hi-vis lime to solid black. In addition, all these garments have 2-inch silver reflective tape. And are customizable with your name or logo.

In conclusion, Bisley Workwear is a forward-thinking safety brand built to get the job done. Now owned by PIP, this former Australian-only brand has gone global. And Bisley continues to adapt to become a leader in high visibility with functional safety garments for men and women.