Functionality, Durability and Design – Blaklader Workwear

Blaklader is one of Sweden’s leading producers of workwear. Not only are their work clothes comfortable but they’re very tough. Established in 1959, Blaklader put plenty of time into perfecting their craft. Even now, they are testing in their lab to improve everything about their work apparel. Here are a few other reasons why Blaklader workwear is a major contender.

Workwear that Outworks the Competition

Arguably, Blaklader has some of the most durable workwear on the market. From work pants, shorts, outwear, utility vests and more. All are tough and comfortable. So, that the last thing you need to worry about is the clothes you need when on the job. Not to mention, they are quite stylish but judge that for yourself. 
With Blaklader work pants and shorts, there’s going to be large pockets on most of them. Allows you to stay nimble and secure. Some of their pants have placements for kneepads. Other styles include FR (flame resistant), waterproof, and safety. To combat mother nature or the dangers of the work environment. They even have elephants not able to rip their pants apart, that’s how durable they are.
They also stock plenty of outerwear options, depending on your worksite needs. Jackets and fleeces to brave the cold or to stay visible in low light environments. Plus an ergonomic fit to give you great freedom of movement.

Blaklader also carries items like:

  • hats
  • caps
  • knee pads
  • belts
Blaklader Workwear
Another reason why Blaklader is a great company is their concern for the environment. Certified to meet several environmental standards. Such as the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Meaning that they are being as gentle on the environment as they can. While still being able to create clothes that work.
Apparel meant to take a beating but to also deliver safety. Make Blaklader workwear your next choice when you’re ready to upgrade your work apparel. Because workwear should be a tool for better performance.