Bolle Rush Safety Glasses – Sporty Anti-Fog Styling


Lightweight & Stylish

First of all, enjoy the clear comfort of panoramic vision with Bolle Rush safety glasses. This protective eyewear design has a lightweight modern style. The Bolle Rush series includes the Rush+ with platinum anti-fog and scratch resistance. See beyond tradition and wear sporty technically advanced safety glasses.

Bolle 40257 Rush+ Safety Glasses - Blue Green Temples

Bolle 40257 Rush+ Safety Glasses – Blue Green Temples


Most of all, safety glasses should provide both comfort and style. You will spend most of your day wearing them. Also, there are many variables to consider. Frame color, lens color, ANSI rated and lens style. If you are new to the Bolle brand, the Rush series offers ultimate vision protection. And a  panoramic view enhanced with an HD coating. It gives you 96% light transmission. Also added clarity, scratch resistance, and a durable polycarbonate lens. Therefore make Bolle Rush glasses an industry-leader.



Bolle 40072 Rush Safety Glasses - Twilight Temples

Bolle 40072 Rush Safety Glasses – Twilight Temples

Bolle Rush Design Technology

Because Bolle strives for versatility across different environments, the Rush series is adaptable. Hydrophobic coated lenses and HD technology join to form a waterproof polymer barrier against water droplets. Rush Hydrophobic safety glasses work best in wet environments. And repel condensation. Bolle lens colors include brown, clear and smoke/gray. An optional foam kit turns standard glasses into a glasses/goggle hybrid. It helps prevent small particles like dust and dirt from entering the orbital seal around your eyes.

Another Bolle advancement is Platinum lens technology. They added this to the Rush+ series of eyewear. Co-injected and ultra-flexible temples give you a 100% customizable fit. The variety of frame colors like green, blue, red and pink is a kaleidoscope of personalized styling. A non-slip adjustable bridge keeps the glasses secure on your face. The Platinum lens coating is scratch and fog resistant. Wear Bolle Rush+ safety glasses in hot or cold temperatures. Even low light conditions give no diminished effectiveness with Twilight technology.

Advanced Anti-Fog Eyewear

Finally, consider all the benefits of switching to the Bolle brand. The superior styling and technological advances make them an industry leader. Wear Rush and Rush+ series glasses on the job or whenever you need vision clarity and ANSI protection. Never let lens fogging or condensation stand in your way again.