Look on the Bright Side – Polarized Safety Glasses


When it comes to working outside the sun can be wreak havoc on our eyes, without the right eye protection. Especially, to those who may be prone to getting migraines. Sources of glare include water, roadways or other solid/shiny surfaces. With light reflecting off of these surfaces creates trouble for the eyes. Polarized safety glasses can help minimize some of that glare to get the job done. Safety glasses come in plenty of styles to choose from so here’s what to expect with polarized glasses.

Tip: One quick way to check if your safety glasses have polarized lenses, is with a computer. Turn the polarized glasses about 90 degrees and if the lens turns black, it’s polarized.

Benefits of Polarized Safety Glasses

First off, there are plenty of advantages with polarized lenses. The number one benefit is that they reduce glare. Anywhere from 75-90%. When light moves in all different directions it creates reflections, which strain eyes. A polarized lens takes all the reflected light and straightens it out for you. It also helps block UVA and UVB light which can damage your vision over time.

Reduced glare can also help with headaches or migraines, for those who are sensitive to light. With polarized safety glasses, more than likely they’re ANSI rated which is standard for safety. And lastly, with a clearer vision, you are able to make better assessments on a job site. Whether that’s going to be on a runway, the snow, or near water. It’s not about working harder but smarter.

In Conclusion

CrossFire Polarized Safety Glasses

CrossFire Polarized Safety Glasses

Although they may cost a little bit more, polarized safety glasses are worth it. Glare can be there when you least expect it. Making it easier to make mistakes. Keep your eyes fatigue free and they will thank you for it.

Some other quality brands like CrossFire, Bullhead, Radians, Ergodyne, and Edge polarized glasses. With so many different styles and lens colors to chose from, the right pair of polarized glasses awaits you!