Arm Yourself with Bulwark FR Clothing


Bulwark FR is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of flame resistant work apparel. With 44 years of experience, they know the dangers that come with certain jobs. Explore some of the finest FR apparel on the market with a wide variety. Regardless of the shape and size, you can make sure to cover everyone. Includes shirts, pants, outwear, high visibility, women’s clothing, and accessories.

Bulwark FR Clothing

With so many types of jobs on the market, it’s imperative to find a shirt that matches the work. Bulwark FR shirts come to the rescue by giving you plenty of choices to pick from. From work shirts, uniform shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, and much more. All FR shirts are going to be level one or level two fire resistant.

Next up, are Bulwark FR pants and outerwear. Pants can come in jean style or work pants. With more than 20 styles to chose from. Keep up the professional look with a good pair of uniform pants. Then for FR outerwear ranges from jackets, sweatshirts, coveralls, lab coats, vests and more. More protection than a FR shirt and to aid you from the elements. Cover everything from head to toe or layer up.

Lastly, Bulwark FR clothing designed for women. Trying to wear safety gear that’s too big or loose can be more of a hazard. Making it easier to get snagged/pulled by things on the job site. For the true female fit and look, choose the style that best meets your needs.

In conclusion, when the job calls for the use of FR protection, look no further than Bulwark FR clothing. They’re one of the only traceable FR clothing brands, keep track of every stitch. To keep away the counterfeit. Armed with some of the industry’s largest inventory, stock your whole crew. With Bulwark, they’re there to arm you with top of the line FR clothing.