Carhartt Safety Glasses: An Overview of Each Series


When it comes to safety and style, Carhartt Safety Glasses stand out as a top choice for professionals. Known for their work apparel, Carhartt’s series of protective eyewear features the same commitment to quality. Designed with precision and made to last, these glasses ensure that your eyes are well-protected while you work. Find out the specifics of each series and understand what makes them unique.

Introduction to Carhartt Safety Glasses

Firstly, ANSI Z87.1-rated Carhartt safety glasses provide exceptional eye protection, meeting standards for impact resistance and optical clarity. These glasses withstand high-velocity impacts, ensuring they can protect against flying debris, splashes, and other workplace hazards. The ANSI Z87.1 rating also guarantees that the lenses offer superior UV protection, shielding eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. With features like anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, and adjustable temples, Carhartt safety glasses offer a dependable solution for professionals. These Carhartt safety glasses series are worthy of a spot in your toolbox.

Safety Glasses Series

Billings Series

For example, the Billings series is all about lightweight comfort and high durability. These economical safety glasses feature a frameless design. Billings series glasses offer a wide field of vision, perfect for those who need to maintain a high level of awareness in their work environment. The wraparound lenses provide excellent coverage, ensuring your eyes are shielded from all angles.

Braswell Series

Next, the Braswell series combines style with function. These glasses have a sleek, modern half-frame design. Braswell series Carhartt glasses come equipped with anti-fog lenses, making them ideal for use in humid or variable temperature environments. Also, select from bifocal lens options with different diopter strengths. The soft-touch temples and adjustable nose pads provide a secure and comfortable fit, ensuring that the glasses stay in place throughout the day.

Series Continued

Carbondale Series

Also, the Carbondale series stands out with its rugged construction and two-tone frame. These glasses feature dual-injected temples that enhance comfort and grip, even during strenuous activities. The impact-resistant lenses meet high safety standards, making them perfect for construction sites and other high-risk areas. Select from several different lens and frame colors including anti-fog and mirror lens options.

Carthage Series

Furthermore, for those who prioritize a balance between style and versatility, the Carthage series is an excellent choice. These glasses feature an indirect vented foam carriage that blocks dust and debris. This unique design in the Carthage series also improves airflow and prevents fogging. The interchangeable temples and strap ensure a custom fit, while the scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide clear vision and long-lasting durability.

Cayce Series

Moreover, the Cayce series offers an exceptional fit and high-performance protection. These glasses feature a slim temple design and wraparound lens. The anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings ensure that your vision remains clear, even in challenging conditions. Also, the Cayce series includes adjustable rubber nosepieces and several lens color options.

More Popular Options

Easley Series

Plus, the Easley series is perfect for those who need reliable eye protection in a variety of environments. These glasses feature a lightweight, ventilated full-frame design with rubberized temples and nose pads for enhanced comfort and stability. The high-impact lenses protect against debris and UV rays, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, a built-in brow guard adds extra protection from debris.

Ironside Series

Likewise, the Ironside series is built for toughness and durability. These safety glasses have straight-back vented flexible temples. Also, impact-resistant lenses withstand the harshest conditions. The wraparound design provides comprehensive eye protection, while the anti-fog coating ensures clear vision in all situations. Select from three different lens tint options including brown, smoke/gray, and yellow.

Stylish Protective Eyewear Series

Rockwood Series

Then, Rockwood series safety glasses offer maximum comfort and protection. The flexible, dual-injected temples provide a secure fit without compromising on comfort. The lenses are treated with anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, and include several color options. Gray lens Rockwood Carhartt safety glasses work well in outdoor applications. They provide protection from excessive glare.

Spokane Series

Additionally, the Spokane series stands out with its sporty design and superior functionality. These glasses feature a lightweight, wraparound frame that provides excellent coverage and protection. The adjustable nose piece and temples allow for a customized fit, while the anti-fog lenses ensure clear vision during high-intensity activities. Select from a half dozen different lens and frame color options.

Toccoa Series

Finally, the Toccoa series combines rugged durability with a sleek design. These glasses have a full-frame construction and a detachable strap that ensures a comfortable fit. Also, Carhartt Toccoa safety glasses feature a clip-on foam padded carriage for extra protection. The high-performance lenses are scratch-resistant and include H2MAX anti-fog, making them perfect for a wide range of work environments.


In conclusion, Carhartt safety glasses include series that offer a wide range of options to suit the needs of different professionals. Whether you prioritize style, comfort, durability, or a combination of all three; there is a Carhartt series that will meet your requirements. Protect your eyes with the best in the industry. Also, experience the perfect blend of ANSI Z87.1 rated safety and style with Carhartt safety glasses.