Bags – Pack like a Pro


Bags make carrying or transporting things much easier. Having the wrong type of bag can trip you up and slow you down. For that reason, it’s best to take your time when choosing which option will benefit your life. Below are some great examples to get you started. Furthermore, we’ll look in-depth on a few specific casual wear bags.

Dandy Duffel Bags

First, let’s look at duffel bags; everyone knows them. By and large, duffels carry whatever you need; there is no end to the varieties of duffel bags. Great duffel bags can be quite the extension of your own, personal style. We have a wide range of name brand bags, including adidas, Port Authority, and Champion. From the gym to a tropical island getaway, a sturdy duffel will not let you down. Another great use would be to protect your laptop. Many duffels offer special pockets that keep your electronics safe.

First is the Champion CS2003 44L Duffel Bag. Available in four colors, this duffel comes with an adjustable strap. This strap is also removable. There are several pockets included with this duffel. It is an excellent choice for many uses.

Tons of Totes

Next up we will take a look at tote bags. A tote’s definition is a large and sturdy bag. Given that, the name tote bag encompasses so many different styles. Nevertheless, each tote comes with its charm. Totes have exploded in popularity as grocery bags, as well as for personal use. Additional uses include storage around the house. If you’re feeling creative, you can also buy a plain cotton tote and decorate it yourself.

The tote bag we’re focusing on is the MV Sport 16500 Pro-Weave Striped Slouch Bag. The knot at the top of the bags is adjustable, for your convenience. The 16500 is made of a soft fleece blend of cotton and polyester. Perfect for expressing your unique style to everyone.

Bombastic Backpacks

Who hasn’t used a backpack before? I’d hedge a guess the number is very slim. Backpacks are not only for school children, but they’re also a great way to carry your essentials. Whether you’re a light traveler or working on your latest project in the local coffee shop. Hiking somewhere? There’s also a backpack for that.

Third, is the Adidas A301 18L 3-Stripes Backpack. Not only does it come with the quality you expect from Adidas items, but it’s also made of recycled polyester. With a dedicated pocket for your laptop, this backpack does it all. From elementary to college, this backpack has you covered.

Without a doubt, there is a bag for anything you can imagine. Other bags that are offered include messenger, cinch packs, rolling, cooler, golf, travel bags, and more. Most bags we offer are even available for customization. In conclusion, if you can think of a use, we’ve more than likely got a bag just for that purpose.