How do you add a Logo to Safety Glasses?


Safety glasses are a staple in many industries, providing crucial eye protection for workers. However, they can also serve as a unique branding opportunity for your business. Custom safety glasses with your company logo not only enhance brand visibility but also foster a sense of unity among employees. Here’s how you can add a logo to safety glasses effectively.

Introduction to Custom Safety Glasses

Choose the Right Safety Glasses to Add a Logo

First of all, before you start, it’s important to select the right type of safety glasses. Consider factors like comfort, durability, and the level of protection they offer. The glasses should have sufficient space on the sides or front for a logo without compromising their protective function. Also, all of our safety glasses are customized by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer sets their minimum order quantities, pricing, and other requirements that customers need to meet.

Best-Selling Brands for Custom Safety Glasses:

1. Pyramex Safety Glasses

2. MCR Safety Glasses

3. Bouton Safety Glasses

4. Radians Safety Glasses

Consider Safety Compliance

In addition, ensure that the customization process does not interfere with the safety ratings of the glasses. The logo should not compromise the integrity or functionality of the safety glasses. Most of our safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Also, adding a logo to safety glasses will not diminish the integrity or safety rating. Custom logo safety glasses include different styles and colors. Select from anti-fog, bifocal, and polarized safety glasses to customize.

Decide on the Placement of the Logo

Likewise, the placement of the logo is crucial. It should be visible but must not obstruct the wearer’s vision. Common placement options include the sides of the frame on the temple or on the top corner of the lens.

Select a Logo Design

Plus, the design of your logo should be simple and clear, especially if it’s going on a small area. Complex designs might lose detail and become unrecognizable when scaled down.

The Pad Printing Method

Furthermore, most of our safety glasses brands use pad printing to add a logo to safety glasses.

Pad Printing: Ideal for printing on plastic surfaces, pad printing can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. It’s cost-effective for larger quantities.

Therefore, pad printing is a versatile and effective method for adding logos to safety glasses. This process begins with creating a 2-dimensional image of the logo, which is then transferred onto a silicone pad. The pad’s design is flexible yet durable, enabling it to conform to the shape and surface of the safety glasses. Once the image is on the pad, it’s coated with ink.

Next, the pad is then pressed against the frame or lens of the safety glasses, transferring the inked image onto the surface. This imprinting technique allows for precise and clean application of the logo, ensuring that it adheres well to the curved or uneven surfaces typical of safety glasses. The result is a crisp, clear logo that is resistant to wear and tear, making pad printing an excellent choice for branding safety equipment without compromising its functionality or safety standards.

Imprinting Your Logo with Pad Printing
The finished product drying

Consult with a Professional

Additionally, if you’re unsure about the process, consulting with our customer service team is always a good idea. They can offer advice on the best methods and materials to use for your specific safety glasses and logo design. Contact our friendly customer service team by phone at 904-296-2240. Or, send us an email at

Place Your Order

Finally, once satisfied, you can order your custom-logo safety glasses in the desired quantity. Each manufacturer has different minimum quantities for custom logo safety glasses. Also, most custom logo safety glasses are sold by the dozen. To check pricing and start your order, request a fast and free quote.


In conclusion, customizing safety glasses with your company logo is a smart way to promote your brand while keeping safety a priority. By following these steps, you can ensure that the final product is both functional and a true reflection of your brand. Remember, the key is to balance visibility with functionality, ensuring that your logo adds to the safety glasses without detracting from their primary purpose of protection.