Defining ANSI Criteria

Defining ANSI Rating Criteria for Hard Hats

What does ANSI mean?

When shopping for a new hard hat there are many things to take into consideration. Much like an article of clothing, style, and fit of the piece may seem most important. You may ask yourself questions like “Is this the color that matches my uniform?” or “Does the hard hat have the suspension that is the most comfortable fit?” These are important questions to consider during the selection process. First, determine if you need a specific ANSI class rated hard hat.

Construction sites and workplaces require workers to adhere to the ANSI classification system or the American National Standards Institute ratings. These ratings base each hard hat on its effectiveness at keeping you safe in a variety of ways. Some of the determining factors include top and side impacts from falling debris and electrical conductivity. Also heat exposure, force transmission, and flammability. Many other factors are also looked at before an ANSI rating is assigned to a hard hat.

The manufacturers we carry at Full Source are graded by the ANSI rating system. Some hard hats do not meet ANSI guidelines. These hard hats are still effective for basic head protection but not designed for other uses and are labeled as “non-ANSI”. The American National Standards Institue outlines the important grading and classification system they use. They also show how you can better determine which hard hat is the one you need on the ANSI website.

Selecting a Hard Hat

We have thousands of ANSI type 1, I, II, and non-ANSI rated hard hats in stock. Browse top manufacturers like MSA, Bullard, Fibre-Metal, Pyramex, North, ERB Safety, and more. Select from hard hats in a variety of colors and styles. This includes vented, cap, full brim, bump, fiberglass, mining, cowboy, and hi-vis. You can customize your hard hat with a company name or logo. We sell all our items at low wholesale prices. Stay safe and protected on the job site with ANSI rated hard hats.