New Ergodyne GloWear Recycled Safety Vests


In a world where sustainability increasingly takes center stage, Ergodyne is taking a significant stride with its latest innovation: the GloWear 8205HL-ECO Recycled Safety Vests. These high-visibility vests, designed for maximum safety and environmental responsibility, reflect Ergodyne’s commitment to both worker safety and environmental stewardship. Wearing these new GloWear hi-vis safety vests achieves sustainability goals without sacrificing performance or safety.

Introducing Ergodyne Recycled Safety Vests

Firstly, Ergodyne’s new GloWear 8205HL-ECO vests are a part of their ambitious Blue Marble mission. This initiative underscores the company’s dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices across all aspects of their operations. The Blue Marble mission aims to create a healthier planet by minimizing waste and conserving resources. And the GloWear Recycled Safety Vests are a tangible representation of this vision. For example, the 8205HL-ECO safety vests in hi-vis orange or yellow/lime feature 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Using Recycled Materials

In addition, what sets these vests apart is their construction from post-consumer recycled materials. Ergodyne collects plastic bottles and other recyclables, giving them a second life in the form of these high-visibility safety vests. Each safety vest is equivalent to approximately 11 16.9. oz 500mL plastic water bottles. By transforming waste into functional, protective gear, Ergodyne not only reduces landfill waste but also decreases the demand for new raw materials. This process significantly lowers the carbon footprint associated with producing high-visibility safety apparel.

ANSI Hi-Vis Safety Standards

Also, the GloWear Recycled Safety Vests offer the same superior quality and durability that Ergodyne is known for. Workers can trust these vests to provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, enhancing safety on the job. The recycled materials do not compromise the integrity or performance of the vests, proving that sustainable products can meet the demands of various industries. The Blue Marble mission ensures that every worker heads home safe, sound, and happy when the whistle blows.

GloWear Safety Vest Features

Plus, Ergodyne designed these vests with the end user in mind. They feature breathable lightweight mesh fabrics and adjustable closures for a secure fit. These elements ensure that workers remain comfortable and efficient while staying safe and visible. The high-quality polyester is longer-lasting and made with 100% recycled material. In addition, silver reflective tape enhances visibility in low-light conditions. This reflective tape also makes the GloWear series vests ANSI Type R Class 2 rated for the job site.

Add Your Custom Logo

Moreover, adding your custom name or company logo to Ergodyne GloWear safety vests is a smart way to enhance brand visibility while ensuring worker safety. Select from customization options like screen printing or vinyl heat press that allow you to display your brand’s name or logo. This personalized touch reinforces your company’s professionalism and makes it easier to identify employees on-site. This promotes a sense of unity and accountability. The process is low-cost, using high-quality printing techniques ensuring that your logo remains durable and clear, even in tough working conditions.

Environmentally Friendly Safety Vests

Likewise, by choosing Ergodyne’s GloWear Recycled Safety Vests, businesses can make a powerful statement about their commitment to sustainability. These vests enable companies to protect their workforce while supporting environmental initiatives, aligning operational safety with corporate responsibility. Furthermore, Ergodyne uses 100% recycled polyethylene materials in the packaging for these vests. This initiative is seeing a reduction of 25% of packaging material overall.

Future of Sustainability

Finally, Ergodyne’s innovative approach exemplifies how industries adapt to meet the growing demand for sustainable products without sacrificing quality or performance. The GloWear Recycled Safety Vests represent a significant step forward in sustainable safety gear, paving the way for a future where protecting people and the planet go hand in hand.


In conclusion, join Ergodyne in their Blue Marble mission and make a positive impact on the environment with GloWear 8205HL-ECO Recycled Safety Vests. Embrace this opportunity to enhance workplace safety while contributing to a more sustainable world. Also, wear vests ideal for anyone requiring Type R, Class 2 apparel, including road construction, baggage handling, and municipalities.