Introducing Our Very Own Brand of Full Source Safety Glasses


Inexpensive Eye Protection

For durable eye protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards, shop our new line of Full Source safety glasses. This collection of economical safety glasses includes four different series. The series are the Spinyback, Orbweaver, Meshweaver, and Stripedleg. We offer glasses starting at only 99 cents each. This collection is exclusive to Full Source so let’s take a look at what makes each unique.

First of all, the Full Source Spinyback safety glasses are the most affordable in the new collection. Clear uncoated lenses provide ANSI Z87.1 protection for 99 cents each. This makes them an excellent choice for employers who need to outfit their employees. Spinyback safety glasses are general purpose and work for indoor applications. They provide impact protection and some have a scratch-resistant coating. The 100% polycarbonate lenses also block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. There is a bifocal Spinyback style with lower lens readers for magnification. Anti-fog style lenses are available in clear and smoke/gray colors. The clear temples and lightweight frame make them comfortable for all-day wear.

Full Source FS416 Stripedleg Safety Glasses

Full Source FS416 Stripedleg Safety Glasses

Comfortable Full Source Styles

Another and the most popular series from this collection is the Meshweaver safety glasses. The comfort level goes a step farther with this design. The Meshweaver has rubber temples and a rubber nose piece. They provide longer comfort and a better grip. There are a variety of lens color options to choose from. Colors include amber, infinity blue, and gray. There is also an indoor/outdoor mirror lens to help reduce glare. The clear lens Meshweaver safety glasses are the most popular style. Hardcoat polycarbonate lenses provide scratch resistance and impact protection.

In addition to comfort, the next series, the Stripedleg safety glasses, provide a sporty look. They have a rubber nose piece and temples for comfort. The mirror lens works for indoor and outdoor use. Lens colors offer a pop of color. The colors include ice orange, gray, ice blue, and clear. Mirror lenses protect from excessive glare that is distracting and unsafe on the job site or when operating a vehicle or machinery. The ice orange lens is the most popular color in this series and has a double layer of silver and orange mirror coatings. It is ideal for outdoor applications.

Full Source FS110UC-DZ Spinyback Safety Glasses

Full Source FS110UC-DZ Spinyback Safety Glasses

Variety of Colors

Finally, the last series of Full Source brand safety glasses are the Orbweaver. These glasses have styles that we sell by the dozen. That makes them even more low cost and ideal for warehouses, job sites, or employers. Orbweaver safety glasses feature a one-piece lens design and rubber temples for comfort and grip. Like the others in this collection, they are ANSI Z87.1 rated and have durable impact rated lenses. There are a variety of lens color options including amber, infinity blue, gray, and clear.

In conclusion, our new line of Full Source safety glasses provides a range of comfortable protection. Wear them both indoor and outdoors and they have solid ANSI rated construction. From basic eye protection to sporty and stylish, keep your eyes protected for less with Full Source safety glasses.