Harriton Workwear: Elevate your Wardrobe


Harriton Workwear is professional apparel that blends quality, durability, and style. Whether you are outfitting an office team, healthcare staff, or a group of field workers, Harriton offers a versatile range of clothing. From button-up shirts to protective outerwear, and from polo shirts to cozy sweatshirts and practical vests, this blank work apparel ensures that every professional looks their best.

Harriton Shirts: A Blend of Style and Durability

Firstly, Harriton shirts, including their popular button-up styles, are a staple for professionals who need to maintain a polished appearance without sacrificing comfort. These shirts for men and women include high-quality materials and features like moisture-wicking, UV protection, and stain resistance. This makes them perfect for both office settings and more rugged environments. Also, polo shirts offer a more casual yet equally professional option, combining breathable fabrics with a classic design that works well in various settings.

Best-Selling Shirts:

  1. M500 Easy Blend Long-Sleeve Shirt
  2. M211 Tactical Performance Polo
  3. M500W Ladies Easy Blend Long-Sleeve Shirt

Outerwear that Works as Hard as You Do

Furthermore, when the weather turns harsh, Harriton’s outerwear line has you covered. Their jackets provide excellent protection against the elements while maintaining a sleek, professional look. This includes water-resistant shells, pockets, and hoods. Ideal for outdoor work or commuting in unpredictable weather, these jackets ensure you stay warm and dry without compromising on style. Also, vests offer additional layering options, providing warmth and flexibility for those on the move. And for those chilly days, Harriton’s sweatshirts and sweaters deliver a cozy yet professional option to keep you comfortable throughout your workday.

Best-Selling Outerwear:

  1. M425 Pilbloc V-Neck Cardigan
  2. M990 Men’s Full-Zip Fleece
  3. M421 Men’s Pilbloc Quarter-Zip Sweater

Functional and Comfortable Scrubs

In addition, for healthcare professionals, Harriton’s scrubs stand out for their blend of functionality and comfort. These scrubs allow ease of movement, essential for long shifts and demanding tasks. With durable fabrics and thoughtful designs, Harriton scrubs ensure that healthcare workers can perform their duties effectively while maintaining a professional appearance. Also, select from scrub pants and v-neck scrub tops. There are several sizes and colors in comfortable cotton/polyester blend material.

Customization: Promote Your Brand with Style

Finally, one of the standout features of Harriton Workwear is the ability to customize with your company’s name or logo. This transforms standard workwear into powerful branding tools, enhancing team unity and visibility. Whether you need embroidered button-up shirts for a corporate team or screen printed logos on scrubs for a healthcare facility, our customization services ensure your staff not only looks unified but also proudly represents your brand.


In conclusion, Harriton Workwear excels in providing high-quality, versatile clothing that meets the demands of professionals. With a range of options including shirts, outerwear, and scrubs, there is attire to suit your needs. Add in the ability to customize with names or logos, and Harriton Workwear becomes an essential part of building a cohesive, professional image for any team. Invest in Harriton Workwear to elevate your professional wardrobe and make a lasting impression.