Helly Hansen Workwear – Professional Weatherproof Apparel


Professional Weatherproof Gear

First of all, Mother Nature does not hold back for anyone. Helly Hansen stands as a beacon among professional grade work apparel. Workwear should withstand even the toughest of weather. Explore the ANSI, hi-vis, and insulated line of jackets, apparel, and outerwear from Helly Hansen.

First of all, jackets provide more than warmth to the wearer. They also offer protection from rain, wind, and visibility. You will find Helly Hansen work jackets suited for the deck of a fishing ship in the North Atlantic or the construction site. Jacket series like the Engram, Waterloo, and Mandall were born out of necessity. The Norwegian company founded by a sea captain over 140 years ago has held to its core values. Innovation and modern materials like breathable polyester and waterproof PVC continue to put their jackets at the forefront of work outerwear.

Helly Hansen 76041 Chelsea Insulated Jacket

Hi-Vis Safety, Rain & Parka Styles

Another important feature to note with work jackets is ANSI ratings. Most job sites require high visibility or silver reflective stripes for safety. Hi-vis orange and yellow/lime colors enhance visibility, even when working in the snow, rain, or at night. Helly Hansen hi-vis jackets series include two-tone, FR, X-Back, and black bottom. For the coldest months of the year wear thermal lined parkas. Features include up to 4 pockets for storage, Helly Tech Protection fabric, and stowable hoods. ANSI rated jackets meet class 2, 3, and Type R standards.

In addition to jackets, raingear and waterproof PVC workwear is a core product segment. The Engram series double bib pants resist oils, sunlight, mildew, and salt water. The suspenders are adjustable for a comfortable fit. MicroWeld seams, a side gusset for easy entry, and cold weather tolerant fabric make this a real standout. Pair this with a Narvik ANSI Type R rated jacket with silver reflective stripes. The jacket comes in hi-vis yellow or hi-vis orange colors with a hood, pockets, and waterproof PU fabric.

Helly Hansen Apparel, Bags & Headwear

While outerwear takes the brunt of the elements, layer-up with Helly Hansen apparel. Short and long sleeve style t-shirts feature Lifa® Stay Dry technology. As a result, popular series include the Kastrup, Roskilde, and Fargo. The shirts come in a variety of colors and some meet FR and hi-vis safety standards. There are also Duluth series flame retardant thermal pants and hoodies for layering on cold winter days.

Helly Hansen 79563 Duffel Bag 50L

Helly Hansen 79563 Duffel Bag 50L

Since storage and transporting gear is important, consider Helly Hansen rolling and duffel style bags. They have the same versatile and waterproof material expected with this brand. And padded straps change into a backpack style bag, or for use as traditional carry handles. The 100% nylon material has inside and outside pockets for storage. The bags come in a variety of colors and look as good for leisure trips as they do on the job site.

Most of all, consider the quality, durability, and longevity you will get out of investing in Helly Hansen workwear. For weatherproof workwear and ANSI rated jackets, these are some of the best on the market. No matter the season or the job site, stay warm, dry, and visible.