High Visibility Safety Parkas


Take the extreme out of fall and winter with high visibility safety parkas. The cold weather season requires durable outerwear. And when you work outdoors having safety jackets that have additional protective features is key. Upgrade your old jacket with hi-vis safety parkas.

High Visibility Safety Parkas

First of all, what is the difference between a parka and a jacket? Most outerwear described as a parka is windproof and has a hood. And on safety parkas, these hoods are often detachable. They are also associated with extreme cold weather protection. And this is due to most jackets also having warm liners, weatherproof shells, and multiple pockets.

In addition to weatherproofing, high visibility safety parkas have to enhance your visibility. And this includes the use of hi-vis colors like orange and yellow/lime. The addition of silver reflective tape makes most styles ANSI Type O and R Class 2 or 3 rated. And hi-vis colors help you stand out against backgrounds, including gray or dark environments. Safety parkas are ideal for highway, construction, and industrial workers.

Features You Will Love

So, why should you upgrade your regular safety jacket to a high visibility parka? This style of jacket has several beneficial features that make it a standout. And this includes a longer length, hoods, and warm liners. Waterproofing deflects rain and snow and keeps you dry. And store all your gear in hi-vis parkas with up to 16 pockets. Select from best-selling brands like Radians, OccuNomix, and Pyramex.

Furthermore, high visibility safety parkas also come in styles like three-in-one, five-in-one, and even seven-in-one. And this means the parka has both inner and outer jacket layers with different weather blocking features. Wear each on their own or together for superior protection. Safety parkas like the Pyramex RC7P3520 7-in-1 convert from a jacket to a vest with zip-out elastic sleeves. And it is reversible from hi-vis orange to black. 

Functional & Comfortable

And these parka jacket systems have more enhancements to make work a little less cumbersome. Some parkas have mic tabs on the shoulders, adjustable wrist cuffs, and side openings for easy access to inside pockets. There are pockets for cell phones, tablets, and radios. Black bottom high visibility parkas help hide dirt and keep you looking clean and professional. And sizes that go up to 5X ensure a comfortable fit.

While most parkas have liners, they are not all the same. Select from styles with fleece lining, quilt flannel lining, and bodywarmers. Most of these are removable and zip in or out, depending on the level of warmth desired. Liners help to create an additional barrier to the cold and help retain heat. High visibility parkas differ from regular jackets with this added versatility. And that is what makes them a great choice for your winter weather gear.

In conclusion, high visibility parkas are an excellent choice for cold weather protection. Hi-vis colors like orange and yellow/lime combined with silver reflective help you stay visible even in poor weather conditions. And features like extra length, hoods, and multi-layer systems make high visibility safety parkas a style you should try.