ML Kishigo

The Original Hi-Viz Experts – ML Kishigo

When you want true high visibility safety apparel, look no further than ML Kishigo. For 40 years they have been one of the leading manufacturers of high vis gear. Produced in the USA, they value quality, comfort, and innovation. With products that you can wear daily without fail. Here’s the rundown of some of the quality gear that ML Kishigo carries.

ML Kishigo Safety Vests and Safety Shirts

First, to top it off with some of ML Kishigo’s safety vests and safety shirts. The levels of ANSI protection range from Non-ANSI, to ANSI class 2 and class 3. While some of their vests are going to cost a little bit more, they’re top quality. Types of vests they make: surveyor, incident command, FR, public safety, and breakaway. Then for safety shirts, they have plenty of premium styles. From long to short sleeved and reflective to non-reflective. Move away from the traditional safety vest. You can still receive the same great visibility with the class 2 or class 3 safety shirts. (Noteable series include the Black,Economy and Brilliant Series).


Don’t let the elements keep you from working. ML Kishigo has safety jackets, rain wear and safety pants. Stay warm and visibility in virtual most scenarios that mother nature can throw your way. Safety jackets include bomber, zip up hoodies, windbreakers. Quality ANSI certified styles for every season.

 Hi-Viz Headwear

Lastly, cover your head with ML Kishigo hi-vis head wear. Hats feature ANSI certified material. From ranger hats, ball caps and sun shields. Don’t let the sun get a chance to burn you. Or if you’re in the cold, they also provide high visibility beanies.
Whatever the work, stay protected and visible, plus protected from the elements. With so many years under their belt, they know safety. From safety vests, shirts, outerwear, FR, hats, and accessories. Choose safety that will last, choose ML Kishigo.