Hi Viz Accessories

High Visibility Accessories – Orange & Yellow/Lime Apparel

Stay Visible

Enhance visibility on the job site and to those around you with high visibility accessories. These products feature hi-vis colors like orange and yellow/lime. And silver reflective tape that helps reflect light. Add these to your PPE supplies for improved safety.

First of all, what is an add-on hi-vis accessory? These are things like neck shades, seat belt covers, and arm and leg bands. Get seasonal variability with sun protection in the summer and extra weatherproofing year-round. And Ergodyne’s GloWear series is a great place to start. High visibility seat belt covers help ensure employee seat belt compliance. No one wants the surprise of a dump truck driver’s lack of safety while on the road. And they meet ANSI type 2 compliance.

Hi-Vis Brands

Next, Ergodyne hi-viz leg gaiters won’t bite, but they do get you noticed. Wear these for added visibility and protection for your pants and boots. Leg gaiters consist of weatherproof polyester and have 3M Scotchlite reflective material. They’re ideal for workers in the road construction, utility, survey, and construction industries. And there are several styles available from Ergodyne, PIP, ERB, and ML Kishigo. Some brands call them shin reflectors. They are one size fits most, and ANSI rated.

Also, even small pops of high visibility colors help keep you noticed. When working at night, hi-vis arm/leg bands snap at the ankles or your wrist. They add an instant pop of color and reflectivity to an otherwise dark figure.  And they work well for delivery drivers, baggage handlers, and parking lot attendants. ML Kishigo has a reflective waist band that fits like a belt. It has a plastic clasp closure and comes in hi-vis reflective yellow/lime, orange, and silver. It is adjustable up to 54″ for best fit.

High Visibility Accessories

In addition, the weather plays a huge role in what we wear. Summer is upon us, and so is the sunshine and heat. Keep your cool with hi-vis neck shades. These will keep the scorching sun off your neck. Mesh styles are lightweight and breathable, keeping air moving. And the elastic design fits most hard hats. The hi-vis colors and reflective trim makes them ANSI compliant. ML Kishigo has a winter/cold weather version made of fleece.

Because working requires getting your hands dirty, keep them safe and protected in high visibility work gloves. Reflective stripes enhance light reflection for working in the dark. Brands include Radians, PIP, MCR, and Ergodyne. And these gloves include rubber, leather, cotton, and string knit styles. Stay protected with hi-vis gloves that are cold weather, cut and abrasion resistant. G-tek, MaxiFlex, and TPR Impact glove series work well for construction, assembly, and automotive jobs.

In conclusion, hi vis accessories improve your total PPE outfit. They keep you visible to others and most items meet ANSI safety ratings. Hi-vis accessories and safety gear are ideal for a variety of jobs and seasons. Add them to your wardrobe today.