Horace Small Uniform Shirts, Pants, and More


Horace Small makes uniforms that outfit America’s public safety members. Like individuals in law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, and security professionals. They are a parent company of VF Imagewear. This manufacturer shows its commitment by providing reliable uniforms. And have been doing so for 77 years now. A brand made for performance and comfort for all those on duty. Available parts of the uniform include shirts, pants, and outerwear.

Horace Small Shirts

First, when it comes to Horace Small shirts, these are not your regular everyday shirts. They give unmatched ruggedness needed to perform. Take for instance, the New Dimension Poplin short sleeve shirt (HS1208). Break-resistant buttons and reinforced sling/eyelets let you push it to the limit. Along with a pre-cured soil release to keep those hard to remove stains away. Also, this shirt was designed to accommodate body armor. Then other shirt styles include polos, long sleeve quarter zip, and ladies.

Pants – Trousers and Work Pants

If there’s a job that needs tough pants then there’s no need to look any further. These pants come in a variety of sizes and styles for both men and women. Colors include black, blue, green, tan, and more. New Generation Stretch Cargo Trousers have a cool and comfortable waistband. It also comes in a four or six pocket option. Then there are some pants have state specifications, like the women’s Sentry Plus Trousers (HS2476).

Outerwear to Outperform the Competition

Last but not least, they provide outerwear for when the weather starts to drop. Horace Small has quality jackets, coats, and insulated bib overalls. Many styles have waterproof or wind resistance. The APX Jacket features a cutting edge hybrid “soft shell” construction. Get the warmth and durability of a heavy jacket without all the extra bulk. Outerwear engineered to keep up with performance. 

In conclusion, Horace Small is for those who are ready to perform their duty. Whether that’s on patrol, at the station, or in the street, you’ll be sure to find workwear that meets the standards of public safety members. There is no bigger job.