Infrared Safety Glasses: The Cutting Edge of Vision Protection


Infrared safety glasses stand out as a critical tool for professionals exposed to infrared radiation. These specialized glasses provide vital protection, reducing the risk of eye damage from prolonged exposure to invisible infrared light. This type of hazardous light often emanates from welding equipment, furnaces, and other industrial sources.

Why Choose Infrared Safety Glasses?

First of all, infrared light, though invisible to the naked eye, poses significant risks to visual health, potentially leading to cataracts and other serious eye conditions. Infrared safety glasses employ advanced lens technology that not only blocks harmful infrared rays but also ensures clarity and minimal color distortion. This protection is crucial for professionals who work in environments where precision and safety are paramount. Use these safety glasses for light welding, cutting or soldering, however, not for intensive light such as an arc welder.

Understanding Infrared Filter Strengths

Because the potential for injury increases depending on exposure, this protective eyewear comes in different lens options. Also, governmental and regulatory agencies like ANSI and OSHA require various protective shades for light intensity. An IR shade number indicates the intensity of light radiation that is allowed to pass through a filter lens to one’s eye. Thus, the higher the shade number, the darker the filter and the less light radiation that will pass through the lens. Most of our safety glasses include options ranging from 3.0 IR to 5.0 IR.

Top Brands Leading the Way

Furthermore, several of our popular protective eyewear brands are at the forefront of producing high-quality infrared safety glasses. Bouton, Pyramex, Bolle, and MCR Safety are among the industry leaders offering safety glasses that combine safety with comfort and style. In addition, all of these brands meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for the job site.

Most noteworthy, IR lenses protect your eyes from UV rays and flash burns. While also offering a high level of impact-protection from flying objects associated with cutting, brazing and torch soldering. These infrared safety glasses for welding DO NOT have the same level of protection as a helmet and should NOT be worn instead of a welding mask when arc welding. Find out what makes each of these brands a standout.

Infrared Safety Glasses Brands

Firstly, Bouton offers a range of infrared safety glasses designed for superior comfort and durability. Their glasses feature scratch-resistant lenses and lightweight frames, making them ideal for extended wear in demanding environments. The best-selling Bouton 5900 Traditional safety glasses include built-in side shields for maximum peripheral protection.

Secondly, Pyramex is renowned for integrating cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. Their infrared glasses provide protection against both ultraviolet and infrared rays, making them a versatile choice for workers exposed to multiple types of light emissions. Select from popular series like the Integra, Ztek Arc, and Venture II. The green IR lenses range from 3.0 to 5.0 shades.

More Popular Brands

Thirdly, Bolle brings a touch of elegance to safety gear. Known for their sleek designs, Bolle’s infrared safety glasses do not compromise on functionality. With anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, these glasses ensure clear vision and durability in various industrial settings. Also, the Tracker and Override series from Bolle feature a removable strap and indirect venting.

Finally, MCR Safety emphasizes durable construction, sleek designs, and comprehensive protection. Their products are noted for encompassing a wide range of safety features, including high optical clarity and resistance to both impact and thermal radiation. The MCR Safety S21150 S21 includes a frameless lens with metal alloy hybrid temples. Also, select from different green IR filter lens shades.


In conclusion, infrared safety glasses are an indispensable safety tool for welders and anyone exposed to high levels of infrared radiation. With technologies evolving rapidly, brands like Bouton, Pyramex, Bolle, and MCR Safety are continuously innovating to provide products that enhance safety, comfort, and performance. Investing in a quality pair of infrared safety glasses not only protects your vision but also enhances your ability to perform tasks safely and effectively in challenging environments. Remember, when it comes to protective eyewear, never compromise on quality. Your eyes deserve the best protection available.