LIFT Safety – Transporting PPE Higher


LIFT Safety is “protecting today, building for tomorrow.” With a motto like that, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product. We are proud to start offering our customers industrial safety gear made by LIFT Safety. LIFT offers head protection, gloves, eyewear, safety apparel, and so much more.

LIFT Safety has over 20 years of experience in the safety products industry. LIFT is an expert in making products that combine function, style, and protection. Let’s take a look at some of their offerings, shall we?

DAX Full Brim Hard Hat

Black carbon fiber full brim hard hat with a ratchet suspension.
This model is the LIFT-HDC-15KG

First, investing in the safety of your head protection is a must. Especially when working around hazards that could cause a head injury. For this reason, this is where the LIFT DAX Carbon Fiber Full Brim Hard Hat comes in. A carbon fiber reinforced resin outside can stand up to the task of keeping you safe. Additionally, this hard hat has a 6-point ratchet suspension. In the same way, this suspension comes with an oversized adjustment dial. As a result, this makes making adjustments easier, even while wearing gloves. Moreover, you can purchase this in the cap style of hard hats.

Tacker Gloves

Brown and black safety leather gloves.
This model is the LIFT-GTA-17KB

Speaking of gloves, let’s take a look at LIFT Safety’s Tacker gloves. Made of genuine leather and reinforced around the palm, saddle, fourchettes, and fingertips. To explain, the reinforcements improve the gloves’ ability to absorb impacts and vibrations. Additionally LIFT Safety manufactures for the modern person. For that reason, this glove is also designed to be touch-screen compatible. So no more struggling to take a glove on and off when you need to check something on your phone or tablet. Additionally, Tacker gloves have TPR protection padding around the knuckles. With this purpose in mind, it allows for greater impact protection.

LIFT Safety Bold Safety Glasses

White frame safety glasses with clear lenses.
This model is the LIFT-EBD-10WC

Next let’s get Bold; the LIFT Bold series safety glasses. To list, the large profile offers as much coverage as possible. Furthermore, soft rubber located at the temples and nose bridge offers comfort. Additionally, this style comes in a white or camouflage frame. What’s more, the glasses are also offered in different lens types. Clear, smoke, silver mirror, and a polarized version of the normal smoke lenses. There is something here for everyone!

LIFT Safety Pro Black Bottom Hoodie

Last we come to LIFT Safety’s Viz-Pro Black Bottom Hoodie. In light of fall approaching, you’ll want to get a head start on buying apparel that keeps you warm and safe. This jacket has a 2 inches wide reflective strip that goes over the chest and arms. Not to mention the black bottom of the jacket to help hide stains and smudges.

In summary this concludes our tour of some of the new LIFT Safety products. It’s easy to get excited about all the new offerings and possibilities. We hope that you’ll be more than satisfied with any future LIFT purchases.