MCR Safety Ninja BNF Coated Gloves


Be One with the Ninja

With the number of glove choices out there in the world, it can feel pretty overwhelming on trying to find the perfect fit. When your work consists of any sort of automotive assembly, farming, landscaping or material handling then you may want to consider trying the Memphis Ninja BNF (or Breathable Nitrile Foam) coated glove.

Innovative & Advanced Technology

Built for performance, Memphis Ninja BNF gloves provide you with an optimal amount of protection and dexterity. With the ability to use your hands and fingers more efficiently, makes the task at hand that much faster without sacrificing the need for safety. Created with some of the latest hand protection technology, the Ninja Breathable Nitrile Foam coated glove rises to the challenge.

Some of the features include a unique shell combination with a soft, flexible two layer liner. Consisting of an ergonomic design, the BNF model provides maximum comfort with the least amount of hand fatigue. Comfort due to the breathable nitrile foam which allows the hand to air out. Not to mention, that some of the gloves can have excellent grip with wet or dry materials; which is perfect for a constantly changing work environment. And depending on the type of work or protection needed, these gloves can vary with either coating to cover fingers or knuckles. Gauge levels are going to vary between 15 to 18 in thickness.

Take care of your hands and they will take care of you when you’re working. These gloves are sold by the pair and could potentially qualify for bulk pricing depending on the amount ordered. Many of the ninja BNF gloves start around $3 dollars. And don’t forget to save on shipping as well if your order is over $99 or more, with the use of coupon code ‘freeship’. See what MCR Safety has to offer with their brand of ‘Memphis’ gloves and find the perfect fit for you.