MSA V-Gard and Skullgard Hard Hats – What You Need to Know


MSA Hard Hat Styles

First of all, the MSA V-Gard and Skullgard hard hats are perhaps some of the best-known brands in head protection. As an innovative manufacturer of PPE safety gear, MSA has many different types of helmets. It is important to know the differences between each style of hard hat. Most industrial helmets require ANSI certification. Failure to have the proper head protection for your job site may result in serious injury or even death.

Because working at industrial or construction sites means a threat for electrical exposure, MSA hard hats come with protective insulation. ANSI Z89.1 and class E (electrical) hard hats tested up to 20,000 volts. A class G (general) hard hat tested up to 2,200 volts. And a class C (conductive) hard hat has no electrical protection. It is important to note that these voltage ratings are only what the hard hats tested to withstand. They are not guaranteed to protect the wearer if they were to come into contact with that level of hazard.

In addition to the MSA V-Gard and Skullgard hard hats, the SmoothDome and Vanguard caps also provide electrical exposure safety. The Skullgard hard hat in both cap and hat styles tested to withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Please note that there is no test for arc flash protection ratings. Per ANSI Z89.1, workers must wear a class E rated helmet and visor.

Inspect and Replace Often

While we like to think some things will last forever, this is not the case with hard hats. It is recommended to inspected protective safety gear on a regular basis. Replace MSA suspensions every 12 months and helmets every 5 years. Due to the wear and tear a hard hat can take, inspect it for damage often. Look for cracks, discoloration, points of impact, and flexible spots. Replace a hard hat that has any of these flaws immediately. Routine daily inspection can help ensure you stay safe whole on the job. Also, all MSA hard hats and helmets have a UV inhibitor molded into the material that helps to slow the damage done by the sun.

In conclusion, the MSA hard hat has a variety of safety features to keep you safe. The responsibility falls on both the product and the owner for maintaining safety standards. If you notice an issue with the suspension or have experienced an impact with the hard hat, you should have it replaced. Only replace MSA suspensions and parts with those made by the company. Other brands may not meet ANSI ratings and provide the same level of protection. Stay safe and stay visible while on the job.