Pyramex Safety Jackets

Pyramex Safety Jackets – New 2018 Winter Gear

Introducing Pyramex safety jackets and sweatshirts. With winter upon us, having a new a lineup of winter gear is just what the doctor ordered. The list of new items includes parkas, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, and safety shirts. Each type offers some relief from the cold and we’re here to discuss them.

Pyramex Safety Jackets

Pyramex RCP3220 Parka

Parkas – Pyramex Safety Jackets

First off, the new type of safety jackets from Pyramex is parkas. With a longer cut than a bomber jacket, they can provide more coverage because of the length. The multi-layered parka (RPB36) is durable from the rip-stop shell and is coated in Teflon. On top of having a quilted liner, this parka also has a removable ‘inner jacket.’ Similarly enough is the RC7P35, which is a 4-in-1 style parka. Transform it from a jacket to vest at a moment’s notice – also reversible.


Bomber Jackets

Then there are the ‘bomber jackets,’ which are a style of safety jackets. Pyramex introduces a new series (RCJ32) of bomber jackets that add more features. To stand out even more for safety, they’ve added two-tone reflective and x-back striping. In low visibility or bad weather, visibility is key to safety.



Pyramex Safety Jackets

Pyramex RCSZH3310 Sweatshirt

If you’re interested in something a little lighter then try out the new Pyramex sweatshirt. While they are going to weigh less than the jackets and parkas, they still are weatherproof. They are treated with Teflon to block anything from getting inside the hoodies. The RSZH33 series has a zipper front closure. Also, has a black bottom to hide dirt better. But if you’re looking for a premium version then go with RCSZH33. This safety sweatshirt includes two-tone striping as well as an X-back. Light weight and high visibility safety sweatshirts in general, are great all year long.




Last but not least, is the new long sleeve safety shirt by Pyramex. Although the RCLTS31 shirts are not true winter gear, they provide high visibility. The safety shirts have moisture wicking technology as well as an X-back. Aside from the standard yellow or orange colors, they have one in black (rated Type O Class 1).



Don’t wait for the cold weather to sneak up on you. Stay bundled up and visible in a safety jacket or sweatshirt from Pyramex. Choose from hi-vis lime or orange to stand out in any sort of weather or low visibility condition. All new winter gear is going to be Type R Class 3 ANSI compliant (besides the black safety shirt). When you want to perform at your peak in cold weather, Pyramex has you covered.