Be Seen with Occunomix Safety Vests


Occunomix Safety Vests

Not all jobs are the same. Especially, those that need you to be visible or stand out from a crowd. That’s where Occunomix safety vests come into play. They offer a wide variety of safety vest colors and styles to fit most safety needs.
To begin with, we’ll take a look at the three classes of safety vests that Occunomix carries. Those types are Non-ANSI, Class 2, and Class 3. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, which oversees safety products. Non-ANSI vests are the least expensive type. People that go with this type usually don’t have ANSI requirements to meet.
Class 2 safety vests are going to required for environments that have greater risk. They have greater visibility because of the reflective striping. Can include people working with traffic moving under 50 mph. The Class 3 safety vests provide the most safety reflective material. They tend to include sleeves as opposed most vest options. Reserved for people working in the most dangerous environments. That often includes traffic that is going over 50 mph.

Yellow vs Orange

Next, Occunomix safety vests are usually orange or yellow (lime). This is because these are easy to recognize on work sites. There is no set answer for color, as it’s a matter of preference per company or person. Although, yellow vests are going to be bought more often. Then there are two tone safety vests that are going to have a combination of yellow and orange. They use one of the two colors as a base. And then surrounding the reflective striping is going to be the second color.
Lastly, are the other styles of safety vests that Occunomix offers. Surveyor vests are generally used by people who survey roads or lands and engineers. They tend to have more pockets and are a better quality vest. FR safety vests are for those who need to use flame resistant materials. And then there are breakaway safety vests. There are more points of exit for safety reasons if you would need to quickly remove the vest. Possibly because of working around dangerous machinery.

Which Vest Should I Choose?

Occunomix safety vests come in many styles and colors. Find the right type of vest for the job or work site. Some require more safety than others, for instance working at night time. Compared to a church parking lot or school event. If you want to stand out even more, get customization on the safety vest. Promote your business or show designated roles to other employees. You can alternate with safety shirts, if you’re needing a change of look or preference. Whatever the case, use Occunomix safety vests to be seen.