Onguard Boots are now Dunlop Work Boots


What’s in a Name?

Because both Onguard and Dunlop Work Boots are known for quality, we wanted to share a recent change with the two companies. In May of 2016, Dunlop Protective Footwear acquired Onguard Industries. They have since taken over operation of all Onguard products. This acquisition does come with a name change and all Onguard products will now have the Dunlop name/logo attached. The quality, reliability, and durability of the boots has not changed.


onguardIS NOW KNOWN ASdunlop logo




Quality Dunlop Boots

As a result of the transition, there might be some confusion early on. While Dunlop branded products begin to replace the Onguard labeled items, some inventories will take time to catch up. Rest assured, there is no difference to the boot or product other than the name printed on the side. Dunlop has been an industry leader and designs boots for the agriculture, food, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. Combined the two companies sell over 7 million boots worldwide.


The Styles you Need

While Dunlop creates many styles of boots, we have made it easy to find the right pair for you. Browse a selection of boot covers, overshoes, and both plain or steel toe boots. Protect your feet from injuries and keep them dry with a waterproof shell. Hip and chest waders protect a larger surface area. Chemical and slip resistant boot styles are ideal for processing and factory workers. PVC and poly boots come in styles for both men and women.

In conclusion, Onguard boots are now known under a new name. Dunlop will continue to manufacture the same quality designs trusted by workers across the country and now across the globe. Find the right pair of boots for you.