PIP Dynamic Hard Hats – Made with Precision


Who Is Dynamic? PIP Dynamic Hard Hats

PIP Dynamic Hard Hats can perform in the most demanding work conditions. Recently acquired by PIP, Dynamic Safety is a leading Canadian supplier and manufacturer of safety products. From hard hats, first aid kits and other safety items. Their goal is to never compromise quality. And as being a leading supplier of PPE in Canada it made sense for PIP to team up with them. The partnership brings state of the art hard hat manufacturing to another level.

You get certified protection that meets ANSI/ISEA standards. All models have a lightweight shell to cut fatigue. Choose between a pinlock or wheel ratchet suspension. With universal accessory slots, the user can attach eye, face, and hearing protection.


PIP Dynamic Hard Hats - Whistler Vented Cap Style Hard Hat- 4-Point Ratchet Suspension in Yellow
PIP Dynamic Hard Hats – Whistler

First up, the Dynamic Whistler cap style hard hats are the traditional style. Except these versions with PIP are going to have enhanced strength and protection. It uses a 4-point quick release suspension. With a dual-position and height adjustment, so that the user can ensure a proper fit. Also, available vented to provide a cooler and comfortable experience. Vents along the top allow for increased airflow. Of course, they come in a non-vented version as well. In bad weather conditions, it also has rain troughs to keep rain and moisture out of the face.


Next, Kilimanjaro is the full brim version hard hat. Get more protection against sun, glare, rain and falling debris. With its lightweight design to reduce work fatigue, you’ll be able to wear it longer. Then for the suspension it’s an easy clip in, clip out for height adjustment.


Last but not least, there is Dynamic Rocky Climbing Helmets. The brimless design gives the user a non-obstructed vision. The material for the shell is super lightweight polycarbonate. It provides Type II Class E impact protection. Then the applications include (but not limited to) construction, tower climbing, wind turbines, and rescue.

Verdict on PIP Dynamic Hard Hats

In conclusion, the quality remains unmatched with high tech robotic assembly. The production is precise enough to make the pricing competitive. Plus, you get a larger print surface for custom logos on the hard hat. When head protection is on the line, it’s a no brainer when it comes to PIP Dynamic Hard Hats.