The Power of a Hi-Vis Safety Vest

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Hi-vis Safety Vests

Sometimes even with the most mundane and utilitarian items come with great power. Hi-vis safety vests were put to the test recently by Vice. They proved you can do more than just stay visible on a job site with one. The Vice duo tested the power of hi-vis vests and between orange and yellow reflective they learned one thing: no one asks or cares what you do if you wear one. This is of course not something we recommend you do. However, if you would like to have fun with an affordable safety vest we offer them starting at just $1.99.

If you need real, quality, and durable hi-vis safety vests for what they are intended for – keeping you safe and visible on a job site- then we can assist you in your search. With thousands of choices of high-visibility safety vests Full Source is one of the leading distributors of name brand safety gear at wholesale prices.

What a Hi-Vis Safety Vest is Really For

Never assume that what other people do is a good idea. Although this pair had a day of fun in their social experiment, hi-vis safety vests are created with a different purpose. People in the construction, manufacturing, warehouse, and production industries need them to do their job well. ANSI rated reflective safety vests come in a variety of styles. Styles include mesh, solid, FR treated, and in many different colors. You can use hi-viz safety vests off the job site but are best suited for bike riding, walkers/runners, crossing guards, security, and other more reasonable tasks.

If you do want to add some excitement to your safety vest we recommend customized safety vests. Select from embroidery, vinyl heat transfer, or 99¢ screen printing of names or logos. Have fun, follow the rules, and most importantly try and use a hi-vis safety vest only for safety.