Premium Brilliant Series from Kishigo


It may be dark out but that doesn’t mean it’s time for you to stop working. That’s where the Brilliant Series from Kishigo comes in to give you that extra visibility at night. Reflective safety clothing is important if your line of work requires you to work when the sun is no longer out.

Demand Maximum Visibility

Benefits of choosing from the Brilliant Series feature more reflective trimming than the standard safety vest, pants, or jacket. Being able to tell who’s in the dark working is very important, especially on a job site or on the side of the road. With the enhanced long distance visibility added to the safety apparel, your safety is increased drastically. Kishigo has also added smaller reflective piping to see more movement. This can be a big help in differentiating between a work zone and a worker. Any sort of traffic at night may be coming at you and to be seen may be the only protection you have.

Kishigo is always trying to exceed expectations with their high-quality work apparel and giving you everything you need for the job to stay safe. In the Brilliant Series line up, there are all types of safety vests such as Heavy Duty, Breakaway, Ladies, and ANSI Class 2 or 3. As well as safety pants, shirts, jackets, and rainwear. Most have the option between high visibility yellow or orange.

Want to put your stamp on your work apparel? Make it stand out with customization such as heat vinyl transfer or 99 cent screen printing. This is a great way to differentiate the roles of certain workers, as well as promote your business. Plus a picture can sometimes be worth a thousand words for your customer.

Low light may be trouble for some but with Brilliant Series by Kishigo, you stay visible and safe.