Pyramex Safety Glasses- ANSI Eye Protection for Less


Pyramex Safety Glasses 101

Pyramex logoFirst of all, shopping for low-cost durable ANSI rated safety glasses? Pyramex has created an extensive and varied line of safety glasses in many styles. They include bifocal, polarized, anti-fog, foam lined and welding. There are thousands of frame, lens, and style combinations available. We have many in stock, ready to ship at low wholesale prices. Our Pyramex safety glasses start at 95 cents and provide protection against UVA rays and reduce glare. Pyramex Glasses

In addition, Pyramex also has more specialized eyewear such as over prescription glasses and welding helmets. In addition, they have goggles and glasses accessories. The Pyramex welding helmets include models with auto darkening and shade levels that adjust from #9 to #13. When it comes to working with open flames, or with the risk of arc flashes, proper eye protection is key. Almost all Pyramex welding eyewear feature high-impact resistant nylon. In addition, most adjust for best fit. And most importantly all the Pyramex welding eye protection meets ANSI Z87.1 requirements.

Better Clarity with Pyramex Bifocals

Furthermore, another specialized safety glass style includes bifocals. Pyramex bifocal safety glasses come with built-in magnification. As a result, they are also known as readers. Bifocal safety glasses come in different strengths from +1.5 to +3.0. The durable polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and help filter harmful UV rays. Bifocal reader safety glasses come in a variety of lens and frame styles. Some of the Pyramex bifocals include the Intruder, Venture II, and Ztek. Best of all, anti-fog coatings help reduce moisture build up and work to improve visibility.


Pyramex eyewear

Protect Your Eyes

In conclusion, working with hazardous materials and chemicals can provide safety risks on the job. Pyramex safety goggles have a design that creates a seal around the eyes. This seal helps to protect against dust, wind, and chemical splash. 100% polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and work well in indoor applications. Most Pyramex safety goggles are high-velocity impact rated and the economy series starts at just $1.49 a pair. There are many styles of Pyramex safety glasses and goggles to select from. Find the right pair for you.