Good Work Always Gets Noticed – Red Kap Hi-Viz

Suit up with Red Kap hi-viz workwear for ultimate visibility. Since safety is priority number one, getting any sort of edge is huge. With hi-viz apparel from Red Kap, you don’t have to worry about quality. Let’s take a look at some of the Red Kap hi-viz apparel has to offer.

Red Kap Hi-Viz Shirts 

Red Kap Hi-Viz

Red Kap Hi-Viz

First of all, Red Kap hi-viz shirts come in several different types. Between button down shirts and safety shirts, to fit many jobs. Go with the short or long sleeve length. The amount of visibility needed or preferred range from enhanced to high visibility. Then if you want complete visibility than you’d want to select the ‘high visibility’ option. Plenty of the shirts are also going to be ANSI rated as well. Depending on the work environment an ANSI Class 2 rating sometimes does not cut it. And you would need to bust out the ANSI Class 3 to meet certain safety requirements. Well, fear not because Red Kap has some options to keep you safe and seen.

Bundle Up with Hi-Viz Jackets

Next up, jackets from Red Kap will prove to be durable. For serious workers who want to stay visible, they have ANSI Class 2 and 3. But for those who need the minimal visibility, they have Non-ANSI types as well. With the enhanced visibility trim around the shirt you’ll stand out plenty. Easy to care for with a home wash, light soil, or industrial wash.
Red Kap Hi-Viz Pants

Red Kap Hi-Viz Pants

Pants and Coveralls 

Lastly, there’s Red Kap hi-viz pants and coveralls. With pants and coveralls, they’re made to tackle most tough jobs with an easy fit. Enhanced visibility strips keep you visible as well. Materials will vary between cotton or a cotton/polyester blend.
So, whether you’re operating heavy equipment or fixing a pothole on the highway, let Red Kap hi-viz keep you seen. Their hi-viz apparel meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. And there you have it, a brief overview of some the hi-viz apparel from Red Kap.