Red Kap Outerwear – Jackets, Vests, Coveralls & More


Industrial Workwear

Because the weather and your job often dictate what you wear and how you dress, stay protected with Red Kap outerwear. This durable line of clothing and apparel include styles for both men and women. Stay warm and keep your uniform and work clothes clean with coveralls, jackets, and vests. There is a large variety of Red Kap outerwear so let’s take a look at what makes the brand a real stand-out.

First of all, Red Kap is a trusted American brand that keeps workers dressed for a variety of professions. When your job or the weather requires more protection, Red Kap has you covered. Coveralls in materials like cotton, twill, and blended duck fit over your clothing. For cold weather, wear insulated styles that provide extra warmth. There are up to 8 pockets for storage and Red Kap coveralls feature both short and long sleeve styles. Coveralls are ideal for those working outdoors in the automotive, mechanic, farm, or maintenance industries. The dirt, oil, and grime will get on the coveralls, not your clothing. They are washable and reusable, working as hard as you do.

Red Kap CD32 Men's Insulated Blended Duck Coveralls

Red Kap CD32 Men’s Insulated Blended Duck Coveralls

Red Kap Cold Weather Gear

Another style of outerwear includes a wide variety of Red Kap jackets. These jackets feature cotton and polyester blends with insulated and quilted liners. High visibility yellow/lime colors with silver reflective stripes help you remain visible at night. This makes several styles of Red Kap work jackets ANSI class 2 and class 3 rated. Some styles of jackets include soft shell, team, and parka. You can also select from hooded, velcro, and zipper style jackets. For a professional look, you can add a customized name or logo to your Red Kap jackets.

In addition to this classic workwear line-up, Red Kap has specialty apparel. This includes bib-overalls, shop coats, and smocks. Some styles of counter jackets and smocks have anti-static properties. Tech coats also come in women’s fitted sizes and you can have your name or company logo embroidered. Select from a button, snap, or zipper closure styles. Red Kap also provides up to seven pockets for storage and they come in colors like blue, gray, and white.

Red Kap KP43 Women's Zip-Front Smock

Red Kap KP43 Women’s Zip-Front Smock

Finally, Red Kap outerwear and apparel is affordable and long-lasting. The durable duck, twill, and cotton material are comfortable for all-day wear. Stay warm and keep your clothing protected no matter the season.