Women's Workwear

Red Kap Women’s Workwear – Right Fit for the Job

Women’s workwear can sometimes be difficult to find. With women being as much a force in the workplace as men, it makes sense that workwear should be as important. But not all things are equal because of mother nature and biology. Unisex clothing can seem like a good route until you find out that it doesn’t fit. That’s where Red Kap comes in to save the day, by providing durable and fitting women’s workwear.

Red Kap has Women’s Workwear in Mind

Specifically designed to fit a lady’s body, Red Kap women’s workwear and uniforms excels. With a better fit, it’s more comfortable, better looking and safer overall. (Safer in the sense that loose clothing could potential be a risk hazard). Comfort can sometimes be hard to find with baggy clothing. It could feel like wearing a blanket or it slows you down. Not anymore with Red Kap women’s workwear.

The types of clothes that Red Kap carries for women are work shirts, shorts, pants, lab coats, and uniforms. With plenty of styles and colors to choose from the possibilities are endless. No matter if it’s in the office or in the warehouse, get your garment to fit like it should. The days of trying to fit into the guys or unisex version are over.

Of course, most of the garments have the potential for customization. Look professional with the company or your personal name on a uniform shirt. Then, express yourself with choices between embroidery, screen printing or even heat vinyl press.

Plus, with Red Kap women’s workwear, you’re getting guaranteed quality. A brand who’s known for their years of perfecting their clothes for the working people. Don’t spend time worrying if your work clothes can take what the job site has to offer (with wear and tear). Finally, durable and rugged Red Kap women’s workwear has your back and it fits.