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Safety Vests Defined

First of all, there are many uses for a safety vest. A safety vest is a type of apparel designed to keep the wearer visible and to designate authority. Safety vests often feature high visibility colors like yellow/lime and orange. Silver reflective stripes increase visibility, especially at night and in difficult weather conditions. There are a variety of instances when individuals can benefit from wearing a safety vest.

Full Source US2LN16 Safety Vest

Full Source US2LN16 Safety Vest

Because safety vests come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials let’s take a look at what makes each style unique. The American Nation Standards Institute, or ANSI, has developed guidelines and procedures for safety gear. These guidelines apply to a variety of safety clothing, apparel and vary based on the workers and job site conditions. ANSI ratings range from type 1 to ANSI class 2 and class 3.

Safety Vest Styles

FR safety vests, or flame resistant safety vests, help keep you protected when working near sparks and flames. FR safety vests from brands like Bulwark meet ANSI 107 and above standards. It is important to note that self-extinguishing safety vests are hi-vis and have been chemically treated but they are not flame resistant. The surveyor safety vest has pockets for storage of job site materials. Keep your measuring tape, glasses, pens, and other necessities at your fingertips.

Another style of safety vest is two-tone safety vests. These vests feature both hi-vis orange and hi-viz yellow/lime colors. Black bottom safety vests have a black stripe going around the base. This helps to hide dirt and maintain a professional appearance. When selecting a safety vest you can also select from mesh, which is breathable, or solid material which is not as breathable but will be more structured fitting.

Hi-Vis Vests and More

The variety of vests does not stop there. Select from pre-printed, public safety, reflective trim, fall protection and women’s hi-vis pink styles. Adjustable and breakaway vests provide additional safety features for comfort and protection. Use screen print, vinyl heat transfer or embroidery to add a company name or logo to most safety vests.

In conclusion, safety vests are versatile personal protective gear. Vests come in a large variety of colors, sizes, and styles. They help keep you safe on the job site and allow for others to see you, even at night or in difficult weather conditions.