West Chester Protective Gear by PIP


Since 1978, West Chester Protective Gear has been an industry leader of work gloves and safety apparel. Best known for their gloves, they have also expanded into high visibility rainwear. And they were recently acquired by Protective Industrial Products (PIP) in 2019. This partnership expands the brand’s reach and continues its goal to ensure workers stay safe and perform their best.

Work Gloves and More

First of all, West Chester gloves are the cornerstone of the brand. And they have an extensive selection of styles for all types of jobs. There are disposable, leather, performance, and string knit gloves. And these gloves offer protection from cuts, abrasions, and impact. For specialized jobs, wear gloves with FR flame-resistance, extra grip, and water-resistance. Now let’s take a closer look at some of West Chester’s best selling glove series.

While there are several popular glove series, by far the stand-out is the PosiGrip. Constructed with seamless knit material, the PosiGrip is adaptable to a variety of styles. And each has features that reduce the risk of injury and improve dexterity. Nitrile coatings improve grip and have excellent abrasion resistance. Knit wrists, common on most styles, prevent dirt and debris from entering. And some feature hi-vis colors or meet ANSI cut ratings.

Reinforced Protection

Another glove segment, performance gloves, includes the popular Extreme Work series. These gloves have enhanced features like reinforced fingertips and ToughX suede. The fast-drying material lasts up to 5 times longer than traditional synthetic leathers. And construction, auto repair, and manufacturing workers count on the Extreme Work series from West Chester to get the job done. Select from several styles including high visibility and ones with TPR molded hand guards for maximum protection.

And rounding out the West Chester glove line is disposable and leather gloves. Industry-grade nitrile makes disposable gloves versatile for a variety of applications. And they protect against liquids, chemicals, and debris. A textured grip provides excellent wet or dry handling. For heavy-duty protection, try West Chester leather gloves. Workers in the oil, gas, and farming industries count on them. Select from durable cowhide, deerskin, and goatskin leathers. They have enhanced features like FR protection, Kevlar lining, and hi-vis TPR impact molding.

Waterproof Hi-Vis

In addition to hand protection, West Chester Protective Gear also offers a line of high visibility rainwear. And this includes rain bibs, jackets, pants, and suits. They have the goal of creating protection against the elements and keeping workers seen and dry in inclement conditions. And that is exactly what you will get with this waterproof work outerwear. The high visibility yellow/lime color with silver reflective tape enhances visibility on the job site. And it makes most styles ANSI Class E, Type O and Type R rated.

Because requirements vary from job site to job site, let’s take a closer look at the difference between some of the ANSI class ratings. Type R Class 3 apparel is for workers that require the highest level of visibility. They need to remain visible throughout a full range of body motions. And the West Chester two-piece black bottom rain suit meets these requirements. This waterproof suit is lightweight, has an adjustable hood, 2″ silver reflective tape, and pockets for your phone or gear.

Job Site Safety

Furthermore, ANSI Type O1 rated garments are ones intended for off-road use. They are worn by workers who are not exposed to traffic. And this would include those in the construction, agriculture, and municipalities industries. The garments that meet ANSI Class E ratings are often reflective pants or shorts. West Chester hi-vis breathable rain pants meet Class E ratings which when combined with an ANSI Class 2 or 3 top make the entire outfit ANSI Class 3 rated.

In conclusion, West Chester Protective Gear is an industry leader in safety and work apparel. PIP’s acquisition of the brand will continue to bring them into a national focus. And they achieve this with innovative designs in work gloves and high visibility rainwear that keep workers safe on the job.