Winter Safety Gear -Stay Warm


Stay Warm this Winter

Winter has just officially begun and the cold weather is here to stay for a while. Thoughts of snow, wind, ice, rain and everything else in between is enough to make you want to stay inside. But we know that you are tough and have to get out and be on the job site no matter what. Protect yourself with the proper winter safety gear. We have hi-vis jackets, parkas, bombers, work gloves, balaclavas, liners, and beanies. Full Source offers all the outerwear and protective winter safety gear you need and we have thousands in stock ready to ship.

Winter temperatures can dip well below freezing for extended periods of time. If you get caught in a snowstorm or have to deal with high winds you want to make sure your extremities stay protected. This includes your head, ears, nose, neck, and hands. Ergodyne and OccuNomix balaclavas design completely cover and protect your head. They also have insulation to retain the heat. This unique piece of head protection easily fits under your hard hat and helps keep you warm.

Hi-Vis Safety Jackets and Gloves

Hi-vis safety jackets are effective year round. We offer a larger selection of winter safety jackets that combine hi-viz orange and yellow/lime with silver reflective stripes. They help keep you both warm and visible even in the poorest of weather conditions. When you are on a job site and it begins to snow or rain these tough weatherproof and waterproof insulated parkas and bomber style winter jackets will help keep you safe from the elements and visible as well. ANSI rated jackets by PIP, Radians, and OccuNomix also have hoods, pockets, and built-in liner options.

Proper winter work gloves for your hands are one of the last crucial steps to staying warm and protected during the cold weather season. Winter work gloves by brands like MCR Safety, PIP, and Ergodyne are made with insulated and waterproof materials. They provide dexterity and ease of movement. We have a large in-stock inventory of work gloves in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Working outside during the winter is not always easy and we understand the added challenges cold weather can bring. If you suit up with the proper winter weather safety gear you can stay warm and safe and still do your job with ease.