Winter Safety Gear That Helps Keep You Warm on the Job


Stay Warm & Protected

With brutal cold temperatures comes the need to stay safe and protected while on the job with winter safety gear. Monitor local weather conditions daily and stay prepared with the proper gear. Hi-vis orange and yellow/lime safety jackets, parkas, and gloves help keep you visible with silver reflective stripes. Insulated and waterproof materials keep the warmth in and help to repel the rain, snow, and wind you will encounter working outdoors. Winter balaclavas come in many different styles and help protect your entire face. You will be able to see and have a good range of vision. But your nose, ears, and cheeks will be protected with wind-proof fleece or neoprene.

Winter Safety Gear Options

Ninja Ice gloves by MCR Safety are another way you can stay warm and protected but have the dexterity to do your job. We have thousands of MCR Safety Ninja gloves in stock in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Another trusted brand we carry is Ergodyne tenacious work gear. If you have ever been outside in the cold for extended periods of time the cold wind can feel like it is cutting right through you. Ergodyne has a line of products called N-Ferno which on a cold day doesn’t sound so bad. Winter safety gear liners provide much-needed head protection on the job site and can be up to 3 layers thick. They extend all the way down to the shoulder keeping your entire head and neck protected from the relentless cold and wind.

Old school Trapper hats by Ergodyne also provide a classic look that was good enough for grandpa and can still keep you warm today. There are several different styles of trapper hats. Most feature water-resistant nylon shells and insulated lined interiors. Hi-vis color hats include reflective piping making them ideal for the construction, drilling/mining, oil/gas refining and steelworker industries. No matter what mother nature has to throw at you, Full Source can keep you prepared.