Work Pants and Making Them Work For You

Work pants; everyone’s got at least one pair of them hanging around somewhere. But how much thought have you put into choosing a pair? There are so many available it can be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps you’re an experienced shopper who knows exactly what they need. Or you may be a novice, selecting the closest thing available. Read on and enter the mighty world of workwear.

Work Pants for the Office Worker

The first thing to remember is most members of the U.S workforce need a professional appearance at work. Particularly common among working Americans are office jobs. Now when I said office job, you may have pictured a decent pair of slacks, some loafers, and a polo or button-up shirt. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! But why settle for lower quality pants bought in a chain department store? Invest in a solid choice like the Red Kap PT60 work pants, and never worry again.

Red Kap PT60 Men's Elastic Insert Work Pants in navy
Red Kap PT60 Men’s Elastic Insert Work Pants – Navy

Designed with both mobility and comfort in mind, the PT60 pants are a best seller for a reason. The twill fabric is wrinkle-resistant and fade resistant, so you won’t need to replace them any time soon. Additionally, these slacks have inserts on the side of the waistbands. These allow for more stretch and movement whenever you need it.

An Option for the Field Technician

Second on our list is an option for the more active among you. Rather than spending most of your day in an office, you go out here and there to job sites. For example, contractors find themselves out on job sites as well as in offices. What sorts of options are available for the person who’s got one foot in both worlds? Let’s look at the Dickies WP873 work pants.

Dickies WP873 Slim Fit Straight Leg Work Pants in khaki
Dickies WP873 Slim Fit Straight Leg Work Pants – Khaki

These pants are made with a stain-release finish. This works to prevent stains from setting into the material. Also, these pants have a permanent pleat. That’s one less thing to worry about in the morning wouldn’t you say? The Dickies name is well known for their quality workwear and these pants deliver. Another great fact about these pants? Longer belt loops offer greater belt support.

A Heavyweight Choice for the Craftsman

Third, is an option for the blue-collar workers. The people who are out there climbing ladders and laying concrete. The very backbone of our society, so what type of work pants are available for them? Material that is heavy-duty and sturdy is a must. Thus, I present the Blaklader 1600 X1600 Work Pants.

Blaklader 1600 X1600 Work Pants in Black
Blaklader 1600 X1600 Work Pants – Black

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that can do it all, then look no further. These pants have a cotton canvas base to protect the legs. If pockets are what you need, then you’re in the right place. Back, leg, front; these work pants have you covered. Not only are there many pockets, but they are also reinforced with CORDURA brand fabric. Moreover, these pants come with space to insert knee pads. Blaklader’s reputation for sturdy workwear is well earned.

In short, the world of work pants is much bigger than you might think. Picking out the right pair for you can be daunting, but we make it easy. Our large selection of work pants allows you to tailor your search to your needs. We even have women’s pants available. Great choices are available for everyone.