Workers Not Wearing Safety Gear?


Always Wear Your Safety Gear

According to national surveys, worker noncompliance with PPE (personal protective equipment) is on the rise.

What are some of the reasons behind this?

  • Workers simply choosing not to wear safety gear.
  • Site supervisors not wearing safety gear as an example, and workers follow suit.
  • Not enough safety gear for all workers on a site.
  • Workers claim they don’t have time to put on PPE at the beginning of their shift.

The areas of PPE most neglected by workers are:

  • Eye protection (workers neglecting to wear safety glasses or safety goggles).
  • Hearing protection (workers not wearing ear muffs or ear plugs).
  • Hand protection (workers not wearing work gloves, or not wearing the recommended work gloves for their specific tasks).
  • Head protection (workers neglecting to wear hard hats or bump caps).

All of these are things that can be simply fixed. OSHA has been imposing huge fines lately for safety violations, and these excuses are not acceptable. Some site manager impose rewards for workers who consistently wear their proper safety gear. Another method is having workers watch safety training dvds that are relevant to their daily activities. These dvds can stress the importance of wearing PPE gear in a way that’s informative and interesting. The bottom line is: worker safety should not be compromised for any reason.