Workrite Fire Service FR Workwear & Uniforms


In the demanding world of fire service, safety and comfort are paramount. Workrite Fire Service understands this, offering a range of FR (flame-resistant) workwear and uniforms that combine protection with style. From button-up shirts to jackets, pants, polo shirts, shorts, and t-shirts, Workrite offers a comprehensive selection of station wear that meets the needs of both men and women in the fire service industry.

Introduction to Workrite Fire Service

Firstly, Workrite Fire Service has a rich history rooted in innovation and dedication to firefighter safety. Established in 1986, Workrite quickly became a pioneer in the development of flame-resistant (FR) workwear. Recognizing the critical need for high-quality protective clothing in the fire service industry; Workrite focused on creating garments that combined advanced safety features with comfort and durability. Over the decades, the company has continued to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge fabric technologies like Nomex into their products. Workrite’s commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as a trusted provider of FR workwear; with a product line that includes a wide range of protective clothing designed specifically for firefighters. Today, Workrite remains at the forefront of the industry, continually innovating to ensure that their uniforms meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Button-Up FR Shirts and Jackets

Also, Workrite’s button-up shirts and jackets ensure maximum safety without compromising on comfort. These PPE garments feature advanced fabric blends like Nomex, Kevlar, and Armid which offer excellent flame resistance and protection. Nomex provides a lightweight yet durable barrier against heat and flames; making it an ideal choice for those on the front lines. The FR shirts and jackets come in various styles and fits, catering to the diverse body types and preferences of both men and women. With features like reinforced seams, practical pockets, and adjustable cuffs, these garments are as functional as they are protective. Workrite also incorporates a proprietary PerfectPress process for a lasting professional appearance. Plus, some western style shirts include a back yoke and badge tabs.

Versatile and Durable Pants

In addition, Workrite Fire Service pants hold up to the demands of the job while providing superior comfort. Available in multiple cuts and fits, these pants are made from high-quality FR fabrics that offer excellent protection against heat and flames. Whether you prefer classic straight-leg pants or modern, slim-fit designs, Workrite has options that cater to every style. The pants also feature practical elements such as cargo pockets and reinforced knees, enhancing their functionality and durability. Also, some pants include ankle straps to fasten the leg bottoms around work boots.

Polo Shirts and T-Shirts

Furthermore, for those who require a more casual yet professional look, Workrite offers a range of polo shirts and t-shirts. These flame-resistant garments are perfect for non-emergency station tasks and training sessions, providing comfort and ease of movement. Made from breathable, flame-resistant fabrics, the short and long sleeve polo shirts and t-shirts ensure that safety is never compromised. Plus, some modacrylic and nylon blend t-shirts like the FT34 base layer offer moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool on the job. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these shirts come in slim or athletic fits ensuring a professional appearance at all times.

Practical and Protective Shorts

Meanwhile, Workrite Fire Service shorts offer comfort and protection in warm weather conditions, offering the same level of protection as their longer counterparts. Made from lightweight, FR fabrics, these shorts provide comfort and mobility while ensuring safety. They include Nomex blend fabrics that won’t ignite or melt. With features like multiple cargo pockets and reinforced stitching, these shorts are as practical as they are protective. Wear these shorts during the summer or when working at the station to stay cool and protected.

Innovative Fabric Blends

Moreover, at the heart of Workrite’s FR workwear and uniforms is their innovative use of antistatic fabric blends. Nomex, a key component in many of their garments, is known for its flame-resistant properties, durability, and lightweight feel. Workrite also utilizes other advanced Kevlar and Aramid fabrics that offer similar protection and comfort. These materials withstand the harshest conditions while providing a comfortable fit, ensuring that firefighters can perform their duties effectively and safely.


In conclusion, Workrite Fire Service FR workwear and uniforms are the epitome of safety, comfort, and style. With a wide range of options including button-up shirts, jackets, pants, polo shirts, shorts, and t-shirts, Workrite caters to the diverse needs of firefighters. Their commitment to using high-quality, flame-resistant fabrics like Nomex ensures that every garment offers maximum protection. Also, with options for both men and women, Workrite’s workwear and uniforms provide a professional appearance without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Stay safe, stylish, and ready for anything with Workrite Fire Service.