Armor Guys Gloves: The Ultimate in Hand Protection


If you are looking for the ultimate in hand protection, wear Armor Guys Gloves. And when it comes to protecting your hands at work, not just any glove will do. With a myriad of risks present in various industries – from cuts and burns to chemical exposure – having the right kind of protection is paramount. Enter Armor Guys Gloves, a brand that has quickly established itself as a leader in the world of professional-grade hand protection.

Introduction to Armor Guys Gloves

First of all, Armor Guys Gloves is a leader in safety products. And while this brand started in 1993, it has grown over the past 30 years to develop some of the finest gloves and sleeves on the market. Armor Guys works to create some of the toughest work gloves available. And they remain a cost-effective hand protection option for a variety of workplace hazards. Find out what makes this brand an innovative and adaptive option for your next pair of gloves.

Diverse Range for Various Needs

Also, Armor Guys doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. And they understand that a construction worker’s needs are different from those of a laboratory technician. This is why they offer a diverse range of gloves tailored to different industries and hazards. And whether you’re handling heavy machinery, dealing with chemicals, or just need general protection, there’s an Armor Guys glove designed for your specific requirement.

Technology-Driven Design

And at the heart of Armor Guys Gloves’ success is their commitment to technological innovation. By researching and employing the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, they ensure that their gloves aren’t just tough – they’re at the cutting edge of hand protection. And this includes liner technologies like Graphene-based Kyorene, Taeki5, and Perfotek. Most of all, these high-performance materials provide puncture, thermal, odor, and UV resistance.

Another component of Armor Guys gloves is the coating technologies. And you have an option of several different styles. Select from gloves made of polyurethane, crinkle latex, smooth nitrile, or foam nitrile. These coatings offer unique benefits including breathability, excellent wet or dry grip, and abrasion resistance.  And cut-resistant gloves meet ANSI A1-A9 cut-level ratings. Our top 5 best-selling Armor Guys Gloves are:

  1. Armor Guys 00-84 Kyorene Pro A4
  2. 00-853 Kyorene Pro A5
  3. 00-863 Kyorene Pro A6
  4. 02-008 Hammerhead A2
  5. 02-014 Basetek HDPE A4

Focus on Comfort

In addition, protection is essential, but so is comfort. Workers often wear their gloves for extended periods, which is why Armor Guys Gloves are as comfortable as they are protective. Breathability, flexibility, and an ergonomic design allow you to wear all day without causing fatigue or discomfort. And gloves range in size from 2XS to 3X, ensuring a perfect fit.

Environmentally Conscious

Furthermore, in today’s age, it’s crucial for brands to be environmentally responsible. Armor Guys is no exception. They’ve made significant strides in ensuring their manufacturing processes are sustainable. And this includes using solar power to operate a portion of their factories. Also, these factories are ISO 14001 certified for environmental management.

Trusted by Professionals

Finally, ask anyone who’s worn Armor Guys Gloves, and they’ll attest to their reliability. From welders to gardeners, professionals across industries trust these gloves to protect their most valuable tools: their hands. And all the unique styles provide enhanced protection with features like back-of-hand TPV protection, hi-vis color options, and reinforced construction for extended wear. You can trust the durability and protection these gloves provide.


In conclusion, in a world filled with risks, it’s comforting to know that there are brands like Armor Guys who make it their mission to keep us safe. Their gloves aren’t just about protection; they’re about ensuring that workers everywhere can do their jobs efficiently, comfortably, and safely. And whether you’re a professional seeking the best in hand protection or an employer looking out for your team, Armor Guys Gloves are a worthy investment. Remember, every task demands a specific type of protection. Choose wisely, choose Armor Guys.