ATG Gloves by PIP- Maxi Hand Protection

Premium Hand Protection

While there are many choices for work gloves, consider ATG gloves by PIP. The MaxiFlex series of gloves provides premium lined breathability. In addition to the MaxiFlex series, ATG has other gloves that offer specific types of protection. Some of the benefits include abrasion, chemical, and cut resistance. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each series unique.

First of all, ATG MaxiFlex gloves by PIP have a patented breathable micro-foam nitrile coating. This coating allows the gloves to be 30% thinner than the traditional foam nitrile gloves. The gloves provide dexterity and sensitivity. They protect your hands but do not diminish your ability to complete your job. The gloves also provide abrasion and cut resistance. Extra grip on the coated palm and fingers help you keep a firm grasp on even small items. Select from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Sizes range from XS to 3XL. These gloves are often used for material handling and come in colors like blue, green, gray, and even pink.

PIP-34-874 MaxiFlex Glove

PIP-34-874 MaxiFlex Glove

Breathable ATG Gloves

Another line of ATG gloves are the MaxiCut and they provide a durable and protective fit. Seamless knit construction includes Dyneema yarns. Dyneema is 10-15 times stronger than steel and provides abrasion and cut resistance. Coated palms help with extra grip, even when working with small objects. ATG MaxiCut gloves meet various ANSI cut level ratings for protection. They are also breathable and lightweight, comfortable for all-day wear. The gloves are washable and protect from chemicals, water, and UV light.

Seamless String Knit Styles

MaxiFoam gloves have a seamless one-piece nylon shell for increased comfort. The silicone-free coating still provides abrasion resistance. Foam nitrile is compatible with light oils and provides extra grip. The knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove. For chemical and oil repellent gloves, select the MaxiDry series of gloves. The gloves have a seamless string knit shell and foam nitrile coating. The optimized grip uses micro-cup non-slip and liquid repelling technology. This is useful in the palm area so you do not lose your grip when working with wet or oily materials.

The final series of ATG gloves are the MaxiChem gloves. Use them for chemical handling, anodizing, and pesticide handling. These gloves feature durable nylon, lycra, and nitrile blends. They are also abrasion and cut resistant. The ATG Maxi series of gloves provide a wide array of hand protection, suitable for almost any job.