PIP Gloves – A Leader in Safety Gear


Durable Hand Protection

Hand protection and wearing the proper pair of gloves is important for many professions. Working with hazardous chemicals, in food production, or general labor each require a different type of glove. PIP gloves are a leader in safety gear and offer a large variety of gloves.

First of all, PIP manufactures gloves under the G-Tek, Kut-Gard and Novax brand names. ATG gloves are also a part of PIP’s glove brands and have premium lined breathability. Then the ultimate high-performance glove, ATG, and the Maxi line feature nylon shells that offer comfort and dexterity. Maxiflex, MaxiCut, and MaxiChem styles of gloves each come with different levels of protection. Some of the protection include abrasion, chemical and cut resistance.

Quality Name Brands

Next, the most popular brand of PIP gloves are the G-Tek gloves. Seamless nylon knit with coated palms. The polyurethane coating offers puncture and abrasion resistance with tactile sensitivity. G-Tek gloves are breathable and allow air to circulate, preventing overheating. The gloves come in a variety of colors and styles including hi-vis and pink. Sizes range from XS to 3XL for a comfortable fit.

Novax gloves are the next style of popular gloves from PIP. These gloves feature insulated rubber and used in electrical professions. The colors include black, orange, white and yellow. Select from sizes 7 to 12 and optional leather covers for extra protection. PIP Novax gloves help protect against arc flashes and are ANSI rated.

ANSI Rated PIP Gloves

In addition to PIP Novax gloves, other PIP glove lines include the ArmorGrip, Kut-Gard, and Great White. PIP Kut-Gard gloves feature patented flexible steel technology. They are ANSI rated and cut and slash resistant. Half-finger styles make it easier for those working in the food industry and manufacturing. Dupont Kevlar is lightweight but durable and protects against heat, cuts, and abrasions. Next, for heavy-duty jobs consider wearing the PIP ArmorGrip gloves. They are nitrile dipped and used for handling roofing, bricks, and concrete.

Finally, we have thousands of PIP gloves in stock, ready to ship at low wholesale prices. In addition, we have gloves in sizes and styles for both men and women and for a variety of jobs. Keep your hands protected for less.