Our Top 10 Best Leather Work Gloves


Are you tired of sacrificing comfort and durability in your search for the perfect pair of leather work gloves? Look no further! We bring you the ultimate guide to our top 10 best leather work gloves. Whether you’re a construction worker, gardener, or simply need reliable protection for your hands during tough tasks, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to step up your game with these high-quality gloves that offer superior grip, flexibility, and exceptional craftsmanship.

Introduction to Leather Work Gloves

First of all, leather work gloves are an important type of hand protection for men and women. And they protect your hands from abrasions and cuts and also help to grip tools and materials. There are many different types of leather work gloves available. As a result, it is important to choose the right pair for your needs. In this article, we will review our best leather work gloves. And help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Wearing Leather Work Gloves

Wearing leather work gloves has a number of benefits that make them an essential piece of equipment for many workers. They provide a high level of protection from abrasion and cuts. Leather is a tough material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. And this makes it ideal for protecting your hands from sharp objects or rough surfaces. And we offer leather work gloves made from cowhide, deerskin, goatskin, and pigskin leather.

Also, leather work gloves are breathable, so your hands won’t get too sweaty while you’re wearing them. And this is important because sweaty hands can lead to slips and accidents. Leather gloves will help keep your hands dry and comfortable while you’re working. And they are ideal for landscaping, carpentry, construction, farming, and warehouse jobs. Also select from leather welding, hi-vis, and insulated glove styles from brands like PIP, MCR Safety, and Global Glove.

In addition, leather work gloves are durable and will last for many years with proper care. This makes them a wise investment for anyone who does a lot of manual labor. Or for anyone who works with their hands. With proper care, your leather work gloves will give you years of reliable use. And lower-cost leather glove options are available and sold by the dozen.

Top 10 Leather Work Glove Reviews

There are many different types of leather work gloves, each with its own set of features and benefits. Also, in this comprehensive review, we’ll take a look at our 10 best leather work gloves. And to help you find the perfect pair for your needs.

1. MCR Safety 32113 CV Grade Cow Grain Leather Drivers Work Gloves: These gloves are ready for any task, from wrangling to building! Cowhide leather is a popular choice due to its availability and balance of abrasion resistance, dexterity, durability, and comfort. The 32113 unlined drivers glove is made with CV Grade Cow Grain leather for superior strength. And has a shirred elastic back for a secure fit, a cotton hem, and a keystone thumb pattern.

2. MCR Safety 1220SX Economy Split Cowhide Leather Gloves: The 1220SX is an excellent economy cowhide leather palm glove. They feature economy split cowhide leather, full feature, striped fabric, 2.5″ starched safety cuff.

3. DeWalt DPG216 Split Cowhide Leather Palm Hybrid Gloves: The DEWALT DPG216 Leather Performance Hybrid Glove provides the protection and durability of a driver, with the fit and dexterity of a performance glove.

Gloves Continued

4. MCR Safety MU3624K Mustang Utility Goatskin Kevlar Lined Driver Gloves: The top grain leather of the MCR Safety Mustang Utility field glove offers the dexterity that allows you to feel what you are working with. And holds up to the abrasion better than split leather. The MU3624GK features premium brown goatskin leather, which remains soft and comfortable during sweaty conditions. In addition, positioned second layers of premium brown goatskin in the palm, fingertips, thumb crotch, index finger, and knuckle provide additional protection without sacrificing dexterity. It is double stitched with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread on all stitch lines to provide longer wear life and to prevent seam blowout. The 13 gauge DuPont™ Kevlar® liner provides outstanding cut protection. The MU3624GK has an arc rating of 61.4 cal/cm2 and a Heat Attenuation Factor (HAF) of 95.6%. This field glove provides all-day protection and comfort to get the job done.

5. Radians RWG52 Kamori Cut Level A4 Driver Gloves: The KAMORI RWG52 Cut Protection Work Glove by Radians has an ANSI Cut rating of A4 and an EN388 cut rating of 5. The white grain goat skin glove with an Aramid lining provides excellent cut protection.

More Glove Styles

6. MCR Safety 3401 Industry Grade Grain Pigskin Drivers Gloves: The 3401 pigskin gloves are known for their outstanding resistance to abrasion. The porous nature of the hide allows for exceptional breathability and the gloves become increasingly soft with use. In addition, pigskin retains its natural softness even after being exposed to water. The 3401 gloves are made of select-grade pigskin and feature a keystone thumb and a shirred elastic back for added comfort.

7. Pyramex GL2001K Value Grain Cowhide Leather Keystone Thumb Driver Gloves: These leather driver gloves are made from grain cowhide leather. And they feature a keystone thumb with a slip-on cuff. Select from sizes ranging from small to 2XL.

8. MCR Safety 3313 CV Grade Grain Buffalo Leather Driver Gloves: The MCR Safety 3313 glove is crafted with CV Grade Buffalo Grain hide, offering superior abrasion resistance and excellent dexterity. This makes it ideal for low-heat applications. Also, the 3313 is designed with a keystone thumb to provide greater flexibility. And it reduces hand fatigue, while the shirred elastic back provides an enhanced fit and superior protection.

Rounding Out the Top 10

9. MCR Safety MU3213DP Mustang Utility Premium Cowhide Double Palm Driver Gloves: The MCR Safety Mustang Utility field glove is a reliable choice for workers in the utility industry who need a hard-wearing glove. The men and women in the utility industry are the most dependable workers in the world. That is why they rely on an industry leader to provide the best protection for them. Its top-grain leather offers excellent dexterity and is more resistant to abrasion than split leather. The MU3213DP gloves feature premium brown cowhide leather with a second layer of premium gray cowhide in the palm and knuckle for added protection without compromising dexterity. It is also sewn with DuPont™ Kevlar® thread on all stitch lines for longer wear life. And to prevent seam blowout. This glove has an ARC rating of ATPV 52.7 cal/cm2 / CAT4.

10. MCR Safety 3613 Select Grade Grain Goatskin Leather Driver Gloves: Experience the ultimate in flexibility and comfort with the 3613 series gloves. Made from select-grade grain goatskin leather, these gloves are rich in natural lanolin, which creates a supple and soft feel. They boast the strongest tensile strength and exceptional tactile sensitivity. The gloves feature a shirred elastic back and keystone thumb design for added comfort.


In conclusion, leather work gloves are essential for any job that requires precision, comfort, and protection. We have provided a guide to our top 10 best leather work gloves. And we know you will find the best option to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for durability or dexterity, there is a style of leather work gloves for you.