What are the Best-Selling Safety Shirts?


Our best-selling safety shirts include high-visibility options in orange and yellow/lime colors. In addition, these hi-vis safety shirts include brands like Kishigo, Radians, PIP, OccuNomix, GSS Safety, and Pyramex. These brands have set themselves apart as the preferred choices for safety-conscious professionals in various industries, demonstrating the importance of quality safety gear in maintaining workplace and ANSI safety standards. To illustrate, let’s explore what makes these brands stand out in offering the best in protection and comfort.

Kishigo Takes High Visibility to the Next Level

Firstly, Kishigo is renowned for its commitment to high visibility and durability. Their hi-viz safety shirts for men and women are not just brightly colored; they’re designed with premium materials that stand up to the rigors of the job while ensuring that you remain as visible as possible in low-light conditions. Also, select from short and long sleeve styles shirts with silver reflective. The combination of hi-vis colors and silver reflective makes Kishigo safety shirts ANSI class 2 or 3 rated for the job site. The integration of moisture-wicking fabrics keeps wearers cool and comfortable, making Kishigo shirts a top choice for those who prioritize both safety and comfort.

The Best-Selling Kishigo Safety Shirts:

  1. 9122 Microfiber Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  2. 9124 Microfiber Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  3. 9114 Black Series T-Shirt
  4. 9134 Black Series Class 3 Long Sleeve
  5. 9135 Black Series Orange T-Shirt

Radians: Safety Meets Innovation

In addition, Radians offers innovative safety solutions in high visibility apparel that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Their safety shirts are a testament to this, featuring cutting-edge reflective technology that ensures maximum visibility. Also, Radians focuses on the breathability and flexibility of their materials. Birdseye mesh material with Max-Dri moisture-wicking technology ensures that their shirts are as comfortable as they are visible. Select from hi-vis styles like two-tone, black bottom, mesh, and X-Back. Moreover, most hi-vis Radians garments include silver reflective trim, making them ANSI Type R Class 2 or 3 rated.

The Best-Selling Radians Safety Shirts:

  1. ST11 Mesh T-Shirt
  2. ST11B Black Bottom Mesh T-Shirt
  3. ST21B-3PGS Black Bottom Mesh Safety Shirt
  4. ST11B-3POS- Orange Black Bottom Long Sleeve Shirt
  5. ST21-3PGS Long Sleeve Mesh Shirt

PIP’s Global Safety Standards

Also, Protective Industrial Products (PIP) has a global reputation for safety gear that meets and exceeds ANSI Type O or Type R safety standards. Their hi-vis safety shirts keep the end-user in mind, incorporating advanced materials that offer UV protection, moisture management, and breathability. Select from short and long sleeve hi-vis orange and yellow/lime safety shirts in several styles like polo and black bottom. Furthermore, our PIP and Bisley brand apparel include options for men and women. In addition to ANSI hi-vis options, PIP tees come in non-ANSI options without silver reflective.

The Best-Selling PIP Safety Shirts:

  1. 313-1300 Long Sleeve Safety T-Shirt
  2. 312-1350B Black Bottom Wicking Birdseye Mesh
  3. 313-CNTSP Two-Tone Short Sleeve T-Shirt
  4. 310-1100 Non-ANSI Long Sleeve T-Shirt
  5. 312-1250B Black Bottom Wicking Mesh Shirt

OccuNomix: Comfort in Safety

Additionally, OccuNomix excels in creating safety apparel that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Their hi-vis safety shirts come in orange and yellow/lime colors with silver reflective tape. Also, birdseye mesh tees from OccuNomix offer a lightweight, soft, and absorbent material. These ANSI and non-ANSI shirts also include X-Back, polo, FR, and black bottom options. Select from short and long-sleeve shirts ideal for construction and roadway workers. Some OccuNomix shirts also include UPF sun protection.

The Best-Selling OccuNomix Safety Shirts:

  1. LUX-SSETPBK Black Bottom Safety T-Shirt
  2. LUX-SSETP2B Wicking Birdseye Mesh Safety Tee
  3. LUX-LSETPBK Black Bottom Long Sleeve Safety T-Shirt
  4. LUX-XSSPB Wicking Birdseye Safety Shirt
  5. LUX-SSETPBK Orange Black Bottom T-Shirt

GSS Safety’s Specialized Protection

Likewise, GSS Safety specializes in providing apparel that suits specific industry needs, from construction to emergency response. Their hi-vis safety shirts include options like button-ups and polos. They also offer moisture-wicking, silver reflective, and UPF sun protection, making them suitable for a wide range of work environments. GSS Safety’s attention to detail and industry-specific designs set them apart. In addition, a large range of colors and sizes from men and women make GSS Safety a standout. Select from hi-vis orange and yellow/lime colors plus forest green, blue, and red options.

The Best-Selling GSS Safety Shirts:

  1. 5501 Non-ANSI Moisture Wicking Shirts
  2. 5003 Black Bottom Safety Polo
  3. 5111 Black Bottom Safety Shirt
  4. 5123 Non-ANSI Black Bottom Blue Shirt
  5. 5503 Non-ANSI Yellow/Lime Safety Shirt

Pyramex: Innovation in Worker Safety

Moreover, Pyramex is a brand synonymous with innovation in worker safety. Their safety shirts include black bottom, two-tone, and X-Back styles. With a keen eye for the latest in safety technologies, Pyramex shirts are ideal for workers who demand the best in protection and functionality. Also, most hi-vis and reflective Pyramex safety shirts meet ANSI Type O or Type R safety standards. Select from short and long sleeve styles with or without pockets. In addition, some Pyramex safety shirts offer UPF sun protection, ideal for outdoor workers.

The Best-Selling Pyramex Safety Shirts:

  1. RTS2110B Black Bottom Safety Shirt
  2. RCLTS3111 Type O X-Back Long Sleeve
  3. RCLTS3110 X-Back Two-Tone Long Sleeve
  4. RTS2311 Type O Class 1 Broken Heat Sealed Tape Shirt
  5. RLTS3110B Moisture Wicking Black Bottom Shirt

Add Your Custom Logo

Finally, adding your custom logo to safety shirts not only elevates the professional appearance of your workforce but also enhances brand visibility and team unity. Whether for construction teams, road workers, or event staff, custom logos can be tailored to meet specific visibility and safety standards, without compromising the shirt’s protective qualities. Moreover, incorporating your logo on safety apparel promotes a sense of pride and belonging among employees, fostering a positive work environment. Add your name or logo to most garments with our 99-cent screen printing, vinyl heat press, or embroidery.


In conclusion, our best-selling safety shirts include options from brands like Kishigo, Radians, PIP, OccuNomix, GSS Safety, and Pyramex. Also, they offer a range of options for professionals looking to stay safe on the job. Each brand brings its unique strengths to the table, from innovative materials and visibility technologies to comfort and specialized protection. When selecting your next safety shirt, consider these leaders in the field for apparel that meets the highest standards of safety, comfort, and durability. Stay safe and visible out there!